I’ve been thinking about making some New Year’s resolutions. Did you guess blogging was one of those resolutions? I guess you’d be right. I won’t make too big a deal out of it, but I wanted a forum to expound upon those things about which I am passionate. What are those things, you ask?
Home renovation/Decorating
Fund Raising
Amarillo, TX
Horseback riding
A dachshund
and I sew a little bit

Today I’m thinking about the recent attempt by a certain jihadist to blow up a plane on Christmas day over Detroit. I’ve been laughing at the language of the current administration. This phrase amuses me..’those who would seek to do us harm’. Doesn’t that REALLY mean ‘terrorist’? As long as ‘those who would seek to do us harm’ continue to call for jihad against the Godless infidels (that would be me and probably you), it seems we need to profile these folks as they are getting on our airplanes. The law-abiding, non-jihadist, non-radicalized Muslims would understand this extra need for safety. Until an underwear bomb is found strapped to a Granny in a wheelchair, I think this is the most logical option. What a Merry Christmas for 300 passengers and their families! Thank God for faulty fuses.

Maybe soon I will share my favorite talapia recipe with you. Thanks for stopping by.