the snow is as high as a dachshund’s eye!

Digging out today.  We received about 12″ with drifts much deeper in places.  It’ll be months before my back patio melts.  A shout-out to the son-in-law for coming over and snow-blowing this morning.  He doesn’t want anything, he’s just good like that.  I wanted to give you an idea of the depth of the snow.  I thought the Doxy would be a good reference point.  Yep, the snow is as tall as she is.

Alert, alert-I think Roxy sees something……
Her superior hound dog nose smells something….a buried tennis ball?  coyote poop?  a favorite fetching stick?
 There it is…..she’s pointing to it.  What is it??

What…what?  Is that it? A piece of…….
No, Roxy-Doxy.  You don’t need to lug the big ice chunk to me.  No, no, it’s cold.  I don’t want to throw it.
It’s not a tennis ball.
It’s not a fetching stick.

It’s ice!  OK, if you insist, I’ll throw it just once.  Ice makes a lousy tennis ball or fetching stick.  What?  What’s that you say?  Yep…..carpe diem to you, too.

2 thoughts on “the snow is as high as a dachshund’s eye!

  1. HA! Well, I imagine you would only be able to throw it once anyway. After that, Roxy-Doxy would have to go find another one-time-only-because-it-breaks-and-explodes-into-twenty-pieces hunk of ice for you to throw. ooh!- my teeth are cringing at just watching her hold that freezing cold thing in her jaws. Brrr!!!

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