the mammies are grammed

Went for my yearly mammo today. Patting myself on the back for being a conscientious adult and taking care of my health.  I am blessed with good health, but GEEZ I can understand why women put these things off.  If men had to do such things……..well, you can finish that sentence.  I am grateful.  You’re waiting for the colonoscopy story with baited breath, aren’t you??  Take care of your fine selves!photos

2 thoughts on “the mammies are grammed

  1. I second NGIP, the pictures say it all! I had to go for my first one when I was 31 because of a "concern" my midwife had found. I remember being so worked up before the procedure that I could barely handle the mammo itself- Jeez Louise!!! This story had a happy ending, but my thoughts towards mammos themselves- not so happy!

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