happy friday

Some things making me happy today.

1.  Looks like the sun is gonna shine today!  Hallelujah.  Shine on my pale skin and snow covered world.  Welcome back!

2. Cesar Millan.  Yep, star of the Dog Whisperer on National Geographic channel.  How many men greet you with, “How can I help?” and then sit at rapt attention?  I know…..that’s only one reason I love Cesar!  When a dog rips the flesh off Cesar’s hand or when he bravely intervenes with dogs going at each others jugular, he stays (in his words) calm and assertive.  He is part wise psychotherapist and kick-ass dog trainer.  His side-kick is a lovable…….that’s right…..pit bull!  He’s also muy caliente in his wetsuit.  Yes I have a big crush, and the Texan puts up with it.  He thinks it’s harmless…..heh, heh.  ‘Cesar…..would you like to meet my wiener dog, Roxy-Doxy?

She’s a good dog.  Most of the time.  How can you help??  (innocently)Uh….did you bring your wetsuit?’ (I am not affiliated with Nat Geo or C. Millan in any capacity….darn.)

3.  This sweeeet, classic dance.  The photo is of my son-in-law last Halloween.  There have been a million reincarnations of this dance on YouTube.  I had to learn it  for a program I was involved in last Fall.  I was recovering from a hysterectomy at the time and I had major doubts about my health and what I was going to be able to do.  I fanatically watched videos of the dance and the steps.  I did just a little at a time and faithfully practiced, practiced, practiced.  I learned it, dressed as Napoleon Dynamite (just like legions of others before me), and strutted my stuff in the spotlight.  It was six weeks to the day after my surgery.  I was liberated and healed at the same time!  Check it out and do it…..it’s guaranteed to make you giggle. (I am in no way affilitated with Napoleon Dynamite and received no cold hard cash for this endorsement.  Darn.)

One thought on “happy friday

  1. Oh I know! I have a history in dog training so I already respected Cesar, but when I realized he had a pit bull buddy I went head over heels! A man after my own heart. Have a great weekend 🙂

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