the hope of manure

Someone is slowly closing the refrigerator door here.  The light is becoming friendly and is lingering a bit.  As such, my thoughts are turning to………..manure.  Temptation whacked my head yesterday at the local walmarts and I came away with these:

Isn’t that the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?  The dream of my first BLT!!   Just what I need right now. I told the Texan about the tempting mountain of horse manure at my trainer’s barn. ‘When it warms some more, let’s get a truck and a manure spreader and go crazy putting the rich stuff all over our yard and in my garden!’ He responds…’I just love your let’s. They always involve lots of work for me.’ His cynicism = more of a challenge to me.

These are the fun little seed-starter peat pots. They are conspiratorial partners in my delusion thinking I am going to start this glorious garden all from seeds. It’s got a snowball’s chance in hell. For today, hell be damned. I need to keep dreaming of seeds and manure.

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