snowblowing before breakfast

The view from my sunroom…er, snowroom today.  This is the creative, cozy space where I work on my blog.  It also has the doggy door, therefore vigilance is required for a certain uppity, renegade roadrunner who just doesn’t get his kind belong outside.  It’s an ongoing, epic battle involving a crafty foe.  

Today, the view from my snowroom looks like this.

The icicles are a nice touch.  Hopefully, the sun will burn through the snow on the top windows and Mr. Sun can shine in later.  When I woke up, I donned my big down coat and started shoveling the front walk.  You see……there is a certain wiener dog with awfully stubby, turned-out legs who claims some difficulty in the snow.  These problems happen when you’re only 6 inches tall, I guess.  I shoveled a path to the grass.  The wiener followed my footfalls in the cleared path.  Business was taken care of and we were back inside making coffee in no time!  While I’m drinking delicious vanilla-flavored coffee from my Keurig, the Texan gets in on the act.

This makes me love the Texan.
I’m not griping about the weather.  In the Texas Panhandle, folks don’t complain about moisture-nossir.    Sometimes we don’t see any measurable moisture from January to July.  Those years are tough on crops, cattle, and the hearty human stock who call the High Plains home.  Weather reports say we have at least 2 more of these snows coming this week, with possibly the ‘big one’ being next Sunday.  Must check the supplies-I see a visit to the liquor store in my future.

Oh, and please worry about me and my new addiction. I admit it….. I am powerless over my adoration of the photos on ihasahotdog. I follow this website on Twitter and I get a couple of these pictures every day. They never fail to make me smile. I’m even trying to master this new language…’s called EngrishIt doesn’t take much to entertain a simple mind.  God’s creatures.  They’re great, aren’t they?

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