frenzied fawn gets his ‘whup ass’ on

I received these disturbing photos in my email inbox recently.  They are so shocking, so...horrendous…I debated whether or not to share them.  In an effort to keep the public safe, I am posting them as they came to me.  Please, be forewarned.  You are about to see images you may find deeply upsetting.  These images may induce nausea, headache, increased corneal pressure, ingrown nasal hairs, goiter, impacted ear wax, anal leakage, fingernail fungus, vaginitis, spontaneous macarena hand signs, scurvy, prostate hardening and anvil toe.  Gaze upon them at your own risk and agree to hold this blog, On a Chicken Wing and a Prayer, harmless.  You agree?  OK, then.

Witnesses report seeing two horses grazing in a pasture located outside Austin, Texas.  Suddenly….without any apparant provocation…..a fanatical fawn appears.  Appearing to be a skilled and savvy warrior, the fawn immediately moves in to separate the friends.  Witnesses claim he was dividing and conquering the enemy.  The following photo demonstrates how speedily and violently he comes between the docile equines:

 Once the deer had control of the situation, he moved to intimidate the weaker of the equine pair.  One of the witnesses exclaimed of the fawn, “Yeah, he was definitely goin’ jugular.  I only seen it one other time in my life.  Damned fawn lit into my prized bull buffalo.  Had to run git my 12-guage to scare him off.  Bull never did work after that….”

After the weaker horse fled, the diabolical deer wrecked havoc on the lone equine.  Bystanders claimed the horse was no match for the fawn. The crafty youngster darted in and around the hapless horse’s legs employing lethal deer jujitsu moves.

One tearful female witness recalled, “That poor bay mare never saw it comin’…she never had a chance.  She was down the last time I saw her and I ran away thinkin’ the fawn was comin’ after me!  I tripped as I ran away, but I got up and never looked back.  No sir.….I never did look back!”

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