completing your NCAA bracket-March Madness!!

Time to fill out your NCAA tournament bracket! This welcome spring-time ritual has our family enjoying the friendly back-and-forth and the inevitable differences of opinion about the outcome. This year, one family member’s ego swelled bigger than the roundball. Ever since Roxy-Doxy decisively won the Bark Couture Dog Spa March Madness pool last year, she’s been a royal pain in the bracket. As we were filling out our team choices, Doxy demanded the reading glasses. Why do they have to make the type so small?

She shunned the reading glasses complaining they were riddled with fingerprints and they made her nose appear unusually long.  She could read her bracket just fine without them….thank you!  She began her first-round picks.

No, you most certainly may NOT call your bookie in Vegas!!……I agree Morgan State would be an enormous upset in the first round. 

So,……you like New Mexico, Washington, Butler, Gonzaga and Wofford? Those are your favorites? Are you sure?  #15 ranked Wofford is your choice to win it all??!!

Wait a minute! Doxy….I think I detect a pattern to your choices. Could it be you picked these teams because their mascots are the Lobos, the Huskies, the Bulldogs, the Bulldogs and……the Wofford TERRIERS?! Tell me you are not dumb enough to choose Wofford because their mascot is a TERRIER? They are ranked #15 out of 16!  This is why they call it MADNESS!

My picks? O.K…. I like Louisville, Winthrop, Temple, LeHigh and Kansas. Kansas is my pick to win the whole shootin’ match. What? Do I realize all these teams have birds for mascots? Birds? Oh, perhaps they do. They are the Cardinals, the Eagles, The Owls, the Mountain Hawks and the Jayhawks.  The fact the teams proudly sport bird names has absolutely nothing to do with how I made my selections.  They are unarguably the most superior teams!

Let me tell you something you snotty, bloviating little weenie dog! Do you know there are 12 teams with cat mascots? That’s right. Cats must be the most fierce feline ballers on the planet! You’ve got the killer skills of the Bobcats, the Cougars (twice), the Panthers (twice), the Wildcats (twice), the Tigers (thrice), and the freakin’ Bearkats. That’s ‘Bearkats’ with a ‘k’ Doxy! They are soooo awesome they can spell cat with a ‘k’! Are you hearing me?

Alright….. give me your ten bucks and I’ll mark you down for the Wofford Terriers. I’m still pickin’ the Jayhawks. Awww, c’mon Doxy….can’t we both just agree to disagree?

3 thoughts on “completing your NCAA bracket-March Madness!!

  1. Wofford, ha! I never thought of letting Sterling and Trot in on the action…I went to College at Moravian, just a bridge walk over to Lehigh and the 'ol Mountain Hawks. Said mountain is an atrocious one that I was forced to run up many times as a crosscountry/track team member. Ugh.

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