signs, signs, everywhere a sign

Signs bring out the rebel within us.  Admit it.  Here is a nice sign outside an arena at a local horse show.

This is a cordial sign….aww…’please’.

Some dogs were quite law-abiding…like this one….dutifully on a leash.

This obedient corgi was begrudgingly minding the sign. He was out-of-doors, but he wasn’t likin’ it.

Hey buddy, I don’t care about your opinion. Keep the tongue inside the mouth!!  Smart-aleck.

I am about to present damning photo-journalistic evidence dogs are rule-breakers by their very nature. Leave the blog now if you can’t stomach seeing these unsettling photos….I’m warning you!! These photos are EXPLICIT! OK….you’ve been warned.

This criminal is clearly inside the building with the sign.

Just because you’re polite doesn’t mean you ain’t breakin’ the law pal!

Caught this trio of gangstas FLAUNTING their disobedience!

These thugs were wily…..tried to slime the camera lens so I couldn’t take clear pictures of them.  Think they had been snortin’ something illegal. They had a helluva time breathing.  A posse would have no trouble tracking these culprits-could hear them comin’ miles away!

This dusty outlaw was the ring-leader. His name was Vinny. Kept sayin’ “C’mon, I dare ya. I dare ya. Just try an’ take my pich-ah!”  In your FACE, Vinny!

This crafty hooligan saw me comin’ and hightailed it outside. What a pathetic, artificial attempt to look innocent you…….you…..transgressor!  Don’t fix your steely gaze on me, partner…I’m not buyin’ it.

Oops….sorry….don’t know how this photo made it in. It appears to be the local dachshund with a…..uh..rock. Please exercise extreme caution. Keep your arms and hands inside the vehicle…could be an escaped prison inmate. Looks pretty experienced breakin’ rocks.

2 thoughts on “signs, signs, everywhere a sign

  1. She eats rocks?! Does she drink vinegar too? Where in the world were you for this post? Unless these are just gathered up photos (which I'm pretty sure they're not) where the heck could you be to see such an adorable, yet motley crew of pups- rock eating at that?!

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