mr. e. bunny’s surprise appearance

The big guy, Mr. E. Bunny, made a surprise appearance at the retirement home.  Here he is getting out of the car and making his way toward the building.  Nice ride.
Despite Mr. E’s cheerful demeanor, notice the terrified child high-tailing it on the right side of the photo. What did you say to scare him Mr. Bunny?  Or is it Ms. Bunny?
Here’s a brave lady.  She knows how to greet the rosy rodent!  Note envious onlookers.

After plying her with suckers and candy, she enthusiastically poses for a picture.
Here’s Joy posing with the high-spirited hare. Nice Easter outfit, Mom!
By this time, the crowd is disinterested. One onlooker mumbled, “I ain’t lookin’ up until Peter shakes his cottontail.”

One thought on “mr. e. bunny’s surprise appearance

  1. Why is the Easter Bunny always so creepy?! I don't blame that small child for fleeing the scene- I would've too. Those are some brave, courageous folks at the retirement home- glad they got to experience Easter (even with all it's creepiness).

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