5 things I don’t get

#1.  You can’t miss this face. It’s plastered everywhere…TV, supermarket, internet…this young mop-head is red-hot.

I saw him sing a while back on DWTS. I’m not saying he’s not talented, but I just don’t ‘get’ him.  Whassup with the frontally-swept hair??   And why aren’t there MELODIES in music any more? It’s all just computerized rhythms and repetitious phrasing.  Doesn’t anyone craft a meaningful melody anymore?? OK, I’m old and now I’m ranting. My cousin, Darrell Brown, is a mighty talented songwriter and HE is writing songs with great melodies-like Why Don’t We Just Dance? sung by Josh Turner….or What I Cannot Change sung by LeAnn Rimes. Go Darrell!! We need more melodies! As I was pondering my misunderstanding of Justin Bieber, I remembered these guys.


#2.  Pajama Jeans

They’re not fooling me. Pajama Jeans is just another term for ‘sweat pants’. If you can’t starch ’em and crease ’em, you aren’t allowed to call ’em JEANS!!  There are sartorial rules, people.  These are for folks who have given up on life. You can include ‘jeggings’ in the same category.


OK, OK, I admit to being a political ‘righty’. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion and I try to read things (especially on the internet) that are classified as more left and some more right. I figure the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. What I object to is the arrogance and downright…….yes, nastiness…that Keith emanates. This guy has similar karma.

I’m not hatin’ on them. This is America and they can think and proclaim their own truth…I just choose not to listen.  We live in a great country!

#4.  Miniature Horses

I’ll be straight with you…I wanna be the grandma with the pony. I’m all about naughty, fat ponies to parade the grand kids around. I know miniature horses have lots of fans, but there is something about a dog-sized horse that creeps me out.

#5. KFC Double Down Sandwich

Being a free-market minded person, I think it’s KFC’s right to sell any type of sandwich they care to create, and it is your right to buy it and eat it. We’re all free Americans (unless you live in NYC where you can’t eat trans-fat or salt) entitled to eat what we please. Being in the ranching business, I’m an unapologetic meat-eater. Won’t catch me observing meatless Mondays, nosssirr! I think beef is an important part of a healthy diet and a good hamburger or steak is a little bit of heaven on earth. But this creation? Why would anyone want to eat this? The reason totally escapes me. Give me one reason.

Being an optimistic-type person, I hated to end this blog post on a negative note.  I’ll tell you about something I LIKE.  The Texan asked me to look for this product and I just now found it at walmarts.  Presenting……

Batter Blaster!!  I just made a tasty pancake with this concoction.  Makes waffles, too.  Pancake/waffle batter in a spray can….for those times when you want just one or two pancakes.  It’s organic although I don’t claim to know what that really means.
Is this a GREAT country, or what?!

3 thoughts on “5 things I don’t get

  1. Until today never knew about pajama jeans nor batter blaster, but I'm sooo intrigued! Don't get it though- jeans are comfy in an entirely different way than pjs are!!!You have me drooling thinking about your ranch- it would be much harder for me to add extra veggies to my diet when I have all that delicious, fresh steak just lying around! YUMMO! We don't have KFCs near by so haven't see a commercial yet – until I do I'll be thinking- what the heck is a double down?!! Looks like hashbrowns or something.

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