mountain jewels

Happy Monday!  Returned from a cool mountain vacation with family and friends.  Thought I’d let you in on my latest obsession…..trying to get the perfect hummingbird photo.
The Nikon d3000 is amazing, but these flighty buggers are tricky to capture.
You have to have a fast shutter speed to catch the action, BUT when the shutter speed is fast it lets in less light and the photo is too dark.
Then there’s the exposure compensation ‘+’ and ‘-‘ to help brighten things up a bit.
I used every shutter speed known to man.  Experimented with my 3 beginner lenses.  Lots of my pictures were just blurry backgrounds with no sparkly hummingbird in sight.
I patiently waited with my lens trained at the hummingbird feeder.  Minutes turned to hours and the family wondered ‘Mom, what’s for dinner?’.  Feet and back started to burn and ache.  They recognized the crazed, far-away look in my eyes.  Want…..the……perfect……hummingbird………….photo……….
Sorry, middle Sprout, for making you look at hummingbird shots til the cows come home.  Bless your eternal patience.
It’s beauty.  It’s nature.  It’s all for fun.  But….I’m still an obsessed nut…..hopefully believing I can learn a new trick.
You better believe I’ll keep trying.  Hope your week is a brilliant jewel.

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