mid-week fun quiz

Time for a mid-week quiz!!
C’mon, take it….it will be fun and only take a minute.

1.  Did you ever let your young ‘uns jump on a trampoline (the old-school kind with NO safety nets) while throwing a basketball at them and calling it ‘dodgeball’?
____Of course.  It’s all in good fun.  No different than letting the babies roll around in the back of the Suburban like bowling balls.
____No way!  I think 1980’s parenting styles sucked.

2.  Are you a cat or a dog person?

3.  Have you ever eaten fried green tomatoes?
____No, I’m generally against the use of searing, hot grease to kill innocent tomatoes.
____Yes, but I’ve never read Fannie Flag’s book.

4.  Have you ever left for vacation and carefully and diligently secured your doggie door….then a couple of days later had your ‘housewatcher’ come over to bring in the mail….only to discover you’ve locked the feral cat INSIDE your house?
____No, do I look like a total idiot?
____That story is so terrifying, I just popped a Valium.
____I can quote you the cost of carpet cleaning and flea infestation spraying.

5.  Are you a ‘mountain’ or an ‘ocean’ person?
____I suffer from severe altitude sickness.
____I went swimming with JoJo, the dolphin.
____Any place serving alcohol, I’m there!

6.  Have you ever trapped a cat in a ‘live’ trap?
____Three-day old tuna salad is the best bait!
____Sicko!  How could you trap Garfield?

7.  Do you sometimes pass gas with no warning?  I mean, with no warning that it was coming?  Out, that is.   And you surprise yourself?  NO warning at all?
____I clip and hoard ‘Beano’ coupons.

____The government has slapped me with a CO2 tax.
____So, that WAS you?

8.  Are you a PETA member, but sometimes harbor evil, twisted thoughts about extinguishing cats?
____They say one can always spot a serial killer psycopath by the way one treats animals.
____No.  And no, you cannot look in my Maytag.

9.  Do you still suffer from acne?
____My spouse is suspicious of me and the UPS delivery person.  Proactive comes every 2 weeks.
____Hope there’s benzoyl peroxide in the rest home!
____I can’t see my face well enough to discern if I have acne.  Do I??

10.  Have you ever grown a yellow squash as big as your wiener?

____No…but I’ve grown one as large as my Shih-Tsu. 
____Squash tastes better grown no longer than 6 inches.
____Why are we discussing this?

How did you do?  Feel free to leave a comment or discuss amongst yourselves.  Well…..except #7.  That can be for your own edification.
Keep having a great week!  Quizzy love to all.

2 thoughts on “mid-week fun quiz

  1. I shall keep most answers to myself. Although, let it be said: I often concoct fantasies about how my mother's cat might meet a bad end. Especially when he mauls my couch. Then the fantasy involves flamethrowers.(Dog people, unite!)

  2. I am dog guy, but I would never hurt a kitty. My dog, would, but I try to teach her to get along. Her biggest trial though, was when I adopted a baby squirrel that fell out of its nest. I thought my dog would kill me just to get to it. I actually hunt and eat squirrel, but not the ones around my house, they are my neighbors. I managed to get that baby to a squirrel rescue place. If I ran into her, a few miles away, I would probably kill her and eat her.

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