calico barn cat

Hardcore readers of Chicken Wing will remember my most disturbing post:  the saga of the offending hairball.  This event scarred me.  I’ve had reoccurring hot flashes and tinnitis ever since the hairball incident.  Sent me running for my allergy medicine.  For the ring worm medicine.  For the flea exterminator.  It turned Roxy-Doxy into a Glenn Beck fan-that’s how scarring it was!!!

Because of this story, many of my readers have inquired if I was in the U.K. recently.  Was I the sought-after lady villian who threw the sweet kitty in the trash?  See the indefensible deed for yourself.
Warning:  not for real kitty lovers…you may find yourself wanting to throw the bag lady in the trash can-feel free to launch rotten tomatoes at your computer screen.


Look closely.  Is it moi?  Has my mistrust of felines driven me to a life of dastardly refuse-can crime on another continent?

a pawtriot reminder

Roxy Doxy has been peppering me with questions today…..‘Have you heard the I Have a Dream speech?’, ‘Were you alive in 1963…do you remember it?’, ‘Did you realize tomorrow is the 47th anniversary of the speech at the Lincoln Memorial?’, ‘What’s a Lincoln Memorial and have you ever been there?..are dappled dachshunds welcome?’  whew!
betsy wiener

Doxy’s right-wing radio shows have been talking about some of the events taking place in Washington tomorrow.  She sat up and begged for the cash to fly there-I told her she had to work to make her own money.  She called some of her tea-party buddies, but their bus was all full.  I admire her foray into American history, but her politics lately are…..suspect.

I explained to the wiener I was indeed alive in 1963.  My little red-headed, freckled-face self was 7 years old.  Picture a female Opie and you’d be pretty close.

I remember the middle Sprout coming home from 3rd grade asking me if I knew about the Dream speech.  (most 3rd graders aren’t asking their parents questions like this…I realize….you’d just have to know the middle Sprout!)  We promptly opened up the encylopedia (days before youtube) and read the entire speech.  During her college years, we made our sojourn to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  Gazed at that reflecting pool and pictured the entire scene.  One of my life’s highlights.

Anyhoo, the pawtriot wiener dog asked me to put up this video of the Dream speech.  She thinks we should all re-listen to it.  Or re-read it.  She’s interested in the content of character quote….she doesn’t take kindly to being judged solely on her breeding.  I can’t blame her.

Keep dreaming and have an inspired weekend!

me, myself & I monday

Every self-respecting photographer has a kick-ass self portrait.  Have you looked at some of the self portraits on Flickr?  They are amazing and inspiring.  Mine…..not so much.  Baby steps with the camera, baby steps with the camera, baby steps with life in general……baby steps trying to move forward. 
For your Monday viewing pleasure, dear reader-friend, I present my first attempt at self portraiture.

What did I learn other than taking self portraits is harder than eating saltines and whistling?  Does the word self portrait require an ‘ – ‘??  Tell me, English majors.  The mirror is NOT my friend (I’m covering you with newspaper, Mr. Mirror!) and printing photos in black and white and ‘blowing them out’ a little takes away wrinkles.  Oh, and I could use an eye lift.
I’m having an inspiration about a project.  Maybe I’ll get the nerve to share with you soon.
Look in the mirror and accept the love.  Have a fine week.  Thanks for stopping by.

new dog breeds

Shhhh, please don’t rat me out with Roxy-Doxy or she would hound me to death!!  Checked out some designer doggies (while she was distracted with her Sarah Palin autobiography) on the interwebs.  Stumbled across a breed making my mommy hormones explode even though I am uterusless.  That breed……is……….you guessed it!…….a Doxie-Chon.

The intriguing combination of a wiener dog

and a fluffy Bichon Frise.

Are your hands reaching for the abundantly pointy, long softness?
Found this this website if you want to see some real puppies.

Got me wee mind pondering……. Have you seen these new breeds? 

Sharechow-Sharpei and Chow.  The new Gwyneth diet.
Peedle-Pekinese and Poodle
Puddle-Pug and Poodle.  What Depends are for.
Harribeard-Herrier and Bearded Collie
Herrier Eskimo-Herrier and Eskimo dog
Airhair-Airdale and Herrier.  Michael Jordan owns one of these.
Herrier Terrier-really??
Newfoundhair-Newfoundland and Herrier.  In my mirror most mornings.
Havabox-Havanese and Boxer
Havacair-Havanese and Cairn Terrier
Havachow-Havanese and Chow
Havacow-Bart Simpson

Don’t you think the following breeds have unfortunate names?  Marquee-worthy aliases for burgeoning porn stars.  Be advised.

Newfoundwhip-Newfoundland and Whippet
Wienerrott-Dachshund and Rottweiler.  Viagra can’t fix this.
Cockabich-Cocker Spaniel and Bichon Frise
Havashiht-Havanese and Shih Tzu.  The new mascot for Dulcolax.
Beashiht-Beagle and Shih Tzu.  Jon Stewart has 3 of these.
Shihthound-Shih Tzu and Bloodhound
Shihtapoo-Shih Tszu and Poodle

Did these names offend?  I WARNED you Peedlehead…..so….so…….go ahead…… Beabich (Beagle X Bichon) and Tzumi (Shih Tsu and Miniature Schnauzer)!!

recognition wednesday

The blogosphere is swimming with awards.  Don’t worry, you won’t be seeing any of those annoying awards cluttering up this site.
However, I’d like to pass out my own tacky Your Comments Keep Me Afloat awards.
For the folk who have waded through my blog posts.  For the folk who have thrown me a life vest.  For those who’ve made encouraging comments and kept my head above water.

For TJ at Any Given Moment.  TJ is a highly creative ‘mommy’ blogger living in the Northeast.  I enjoy reading about her family, her healthy recipes and lifestyle, and the occasional bear rambling through her yard.  TJ….thanks for swimming along side.  You keep me afloat!******ovation********
Comment Award
For Margaret at Nanny Goats in Panties.  The blog for goat-idolators.  Count me among ’em.  Margaret spotlights the goat antics our mainstream media chooses to ignore.  Her lastest soapbox is ANTI self-deprecation.  Interested?  Check it out.  Thanks, Margaret for dipping your toe in my lake.  Here is your refreshing reward*******cat-calls, whistles*******
Comment Award
There’s been a new commenter spicing up On a chicken wing….. It’s Shrinky from Shrink Wrapped Scream. She lives ‘across the pond’ and her take on the world is decidedly British. And twisted. And side-splitting, touching and provocative all at the same time. I love Shrink Wrapped Scream-I know, I’ve been needing psychiatric care for some time now. Thanks for stopping by my wading pool and leaving your comments. Here’s your award, Shrinky*******thunderous applause********
Comment Award
For my brother, S….who lives in Brazil. Apparently, he has nothing better to do than read this blog and leave encouraging comments. Thanks for airing up my inner tube, S! Here’s your award*******polite applause*********
Comment Award

To all award winners:  sorry I don’t know how to make one of those cute little ‘button-thingys’.  My goggles were leaking water and this was the only thing I was able to produce**sigh**.  I promise to improve my swimming skills.
Hoping you always possess a Coast Guard approved flotation device.

in the meantime-part deux

Bringing in the groceries after a big trip to the local walmarks with Grandma last week.  Looking out my kitchen window, I spotted sparklies.  Dragonflies!  They are unusual in these parts, but we’ve had a rainy, humid and hot summer and these things were everywhere.  Groceries needing to be put away?  What groceries?  Where’s my camera?
In the meantime, I snapped him/her. This handsome d-fly is hiding behind a yucca stalk. He’s playing coy.
What can be said about this color? Brilliant, shiny, glistening…..turquoisey.
blue dragonfly
Adore this photo so much I erupt in panting with spontaneous hot flashes.  No….wait…..have I been missing my daily premarin dose?  Whatevs….the d-fly is breathtaking.
Came inside….putting walmarks groceries away ***drudgery***.  Me wee mind wonders if there are any sparkling d-flys in the FRONT yard in my flowerbed?  (Do I have ADHD, you ask?  Quite possibly.  I’ve heard all the most gifted, tormented artists suffer with it)  I re-grabbed my camera, opened the front door and I stumble over this guy.  I kid you not!
praying mantis
I’ve heard of heart-shaped faces, but this is ridiculous.  Hel-lo….did I interrupt your prayers?  Kindly pray for my forgiveness.  Carry on.
My meantimes have been photogenic lately.  Sometimes the meantimes are funner than the realtimes.  Youknowwhadimean?  What’s lurking in your meantime?
Insecty Breathtaking turquoise love to you this week!

satiate, meditate, copulate


Eye candy.  The gorgeousness of Italy, India and Bali + Julia Roberts + virile men=entertaining movie.  The Texan was longsuffering to accompany me to Eat, Pray, Love.  He shussshed me while hitting me in the solar plexus as I shouted out of the cool movie darkness  “Yes, I LOVE you and will stay in Bali and make hot monkey love with you!!”  Hel-lo, people:  it was Javier Bar-frikkin’-dem!!  I was helplessly tangled in his testosteroney web……

We discussed the movie’s theme over dinner.  Something gnawed at our guts and didn’t ring true.  The movie was basically about ‘finding yourself’.  Julia leaving her ‘we’ve grown apart’ marriage, her less-than-exciting writing job (though it looks pretty thrilling to me), her boring life and friends/family and embarking on an exciting journey of self discovery and self revelation.  Along the way, she gets to meet impossibly beautiful people, slurp mountains of pasta, meditate and chant (to a friendly, yet distant Indian guru)  in a fun foreign language while wearing colorful Indian clothes and spiffy beads, and she gets to heal herself with the sweet balm of Bali’s waters while in the arms of Javier Bar-frikkin’-dem.  Sound perfect?  I declare it Hollywood Pablum.   Here’s why:

1.  If I go ‘looking for myself’, what do I find?  I’m serious….what do I find?  What do YOU find?  Don’t all of us find a highly flawed individual in need of forgiveness?  A sinner standin’ in the need of prayer?  Think of the money saved not having to travel for a year to figure this one out!
2.  I could kinda relate to wanting to ‘get away from it all’ because I’ve had those feelings.  As a young person, I wanted to hop on trains and just ride them wherever they were headed-leave Del City in the rear-view mirror.  Jump on board and go SOMEwhere.  It sounded fun, thrilling, and dan-ger-ous.  It had to be better than where I was.  It sounds crazy, but if you knew me back then you would sympathize.  I never did hop a train, though.  Throughout the movie, I kept wondering, Where’s Julia’s mother, her father, sisters, brothers, aunts/uncles, mother-in-law, best friends, her church group?  How can she check out on all these important people?  Of course, family and friends can drive you crazy….that’s their job.  They care for you the most, too.  How do you walk out on that?
3.  Isn’t life best lived by LOSING yourself?  Not denying your basic psychological make-up, but rather not having your time on earth dominated by an overruling primary concern for self.  I’m here, not exactly sure why or how I got here…but it’s important I make the most of it, see the beauty in it, and I grow spiritually when I ask, How can I help? rather than What exactly are you going to do for me? 
4.  There are not enough ticks on the clock to accomplish all the things I KNOW I should be doing in a day.  There are folks in my family, my own little sphere of influence, who could use some love, a kind word, a pan of lasagna, help getting to the doctor, someone to sing at their loved one’s funeral, someone to tell them it’s gonna be OK, or someone to listen to their heart-breaking story.  I don’t have to take one step out of my town to find them.  I could, but I don’t have to leave to find meaning.
5.  For inspiration, maybe I could try opening the dusty holy book on my nightstand more often?  An inexpensive and savvy start.  No chanting, beads, expensive mats…just me and the book.

Can’t end this post without telling you how much I loved the actor who played the Texan during Julia’s time in India.  He had the most human and flawed character in the movie.  He talked of love, forgiveness and letting go.  He had a lengthy, emotional monologue about regret and the difficulty of self-forgiveness.  He will win an Academy Award.  He was stunning…turning on plenty of faucet-eyes in the theater.  I tightly gripped the seat arms.  HE was worth the price of admission.  OK, maybe twice the price of admission.  He was THAT good.
See the movie for Richard Jenkins.  If you see it, tell me if you agree or disagree with these points.
Can’t wait to show you some gorgeous things next week.
Enjoy, love and forgive your fine self….wherever you are this weekend!

in the meantime

He’s been regaling me with his fox fables for DAYS.  ‘The foxes are in my pasture right now!’, ‘The foxes come in every night and eat catfood’, ‘I saw 5 foxes last night!’.  Damn him and his impossibly fun fox stories.   Can’t you see what’s coming?  Being a budding photojournalist (and frustrated ar-tiste), I yearned to verify and photograph these creatures for YOU.  Five fuzzy foxes smacking catfood:  their gray, voluminous tails proud in the breeze.  Their arrowhead ears at attention.  Who among you isn’t clamoring to see THAT?
No slackard budding photojournalist am I.  Studied my dog-eared copy of Nikon D3000 for Dummies before I went fox photographing.  What would be the proper shutter speed, the proper aperture and ISO for this low-light fox fest?  Calm and confident.  heh-heh
I went to the country about an hour before dark.  It looked like this.
‘Be still. The foxes are coming. They are in the thicket of trees over there. That’s where they appear every night.’
I’m stategically positioned on a carpet square in a muddy field. Waiting.  Inappropriately dressed in shorts and being some opportunistic mosquito’s appetizer. Take a few photos of the overflowing lonely cat bowl to check my light settings. Perfecto. Watch for foxes and make like a tree. In the meantime….to my left….I spy this.


The sun is setting…isn’t that lovely? Didn’t prepare to take any photos like this one. Snap back to business…..waiting.  Expectant.  Endlessly, quietly mouse-waiting.  Could use some cheese…stomach growling.  Scratching my legs and being a munching mosquito’s main course.  Thick, taffy- still air. Legs begin cramping. There!…did I just see something? The foxes is coming! The foxes is coming!! No? ‘It’s not dark enough. They are noc-tur-nal.’   Inconsiderate foxes don’t have the common decency to come out while there’s enough light to shoot them. Waiting, scanning, eyes weakening…can’t see anything. In the meantime, this is STILL going on.


Ah….the gorgeous Texas Panhandle sunset. Wish I’d brushed up my sunset skills…yum….orangy.  But, why am I here?….right, right the fox quintet.  Where is the bug repellent?  Scratching under my blouse.  Wait!  A flash by the thicket. ‘ Did you see that?  One of the foxesThey’re coming.’
The foxes is coming!  The foxes is coming!!  Spine falls from straight to arthritic…the gray murkiness is no good for a photo.  Should I take my chances with flash photography?  Where are the pointy-nosed beasts?  Might I jump mount one of the horses, grab the nearest hound and flush them out properly?  The black barn cat appears and takes a leisurely bath by the catfood bowl.  Licks unmentionable areas.  An unlucky sign?  I mumble ‘busy-body cat’…..he ambles over and rubs my leg.  Great….now the immovable tree has ringworm.  In the meantime….the sun has finally set.
before dark
Dark thirty has arrived amid distant thunder and pillowy sprinkles.  No foxes. ‘I don’t understand….they’re here EVERY night!’  Yeah, yeah…there’s something about my mosquito, welt-ridden, stiff carcass that’s a sure turn-off to foxes.  Probably anti-fox pheromones excreting from my every aching pore.  Me and the Nikon are leaving.  Putting the mosquitos on a diet.
No fox pictures for you 😦  Then, a lightbulb moment.   The meantimes had been pretty darn good to me this foxless evening.  The thing I had searched for, had prepared for in advance ….well, I never had the pleasure of seeing it.  Par for the course.  But the meantimes-they had been stuffed with grand, pink, orangey-blue, spectacular wonderfulness.  The display wasn’t what I was seeking, but I witnessed it in spite of my fox hunting self.
Grateful I took time to look.
Wishing you sunny and sweet meantimes.

don the life vest

My friend, Jen, sent me this awesomely awesome video.  I’m convinced a film maker was deeply moved by my recent post: the saga of the OFFENDING HAIRBALL (the feral cat sneaking in my doggie door and trying to murder me, the Texan and Doxy.  And give us ringworm!) and made this video as a lasting tribute.  YOU MUST WATCH IT!!  Now.  It’s short.  Have your Depends ready.

short cat video

Thanks, Jen.  Give me just a second to clean this milk off my monitor.  Geez..I haven’t had anything spew out my nostrils since grade school!  Yeah, thanks a lot…….sniff, sniff

On to other matters.
If you fall in the water, I hope you have a kind hand

AND a trusty life vest to help you out. 
Buckle up your life vest….it’s going to be a watery ride!  wha-ha-ha-ha!!

I’ve been thinking about one of my ‘life vests’.  Something I strap on regularly to help me swim.  It’s so SIMPLE….yet that is the beauty of it.  All of you probably already know it.  It’s the Serenity Prayer.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

There’s more to it, but that’s the jist of it.   Serenity…..sounds so inviting.  So NOT like the world we live in.  The prayer has helped me survive many a watery pickle.  I’m a big believer simple is better.  Even in prayers.  Don’t know what to pray?  Don’t worry about being fancy….just try this.

Life-vesty love to all this week.

things unseen

Isn’t it amazing how one’s mind can ‘fill in the blanks’?  You have this astounding skill whether you realize it or not.
For example:

Sharp as a tack, aren’t you? Smarty. Your mind immediately clues you in these are NOT the feet of the American Bald Eagle, but rather the petite claws of the rarest of Colorado hummingbirds….the Rainbow-Throated, Turqoise-Eyed Male Dufous Hummer. He put on a stunning display of colorful aerial acrobatics for me. Sorry you only get to view his paws…better to let your nimble mind fill in the gaps.
Here’s the next example

Such brilliance!  How your mind can comprehend this is not an Old English Sheepdog is beyond me!  This is my compadre….Roxy Doxy, watching the rare hummingbirds with me.  She referenced her personal Audobon Hummingbird Guide to help me positively identify the previous photo of the Male Dufous Hummer.  Don’t try to start a political discussion with her….or talk NCAA b-ball.  You WILL regret it.
Example numero tres
How did you discern this is NOT LeBron James?  I mighta thought it was super-star LeBron, but I happen to know it is my super-star horse trainer….small person Roger!  He possibly was celebrating the big 5-0 at a local Mexican eatery.  Can’t you just see his face in your mind’s eye?  Are you picturing his 4-fingered hand as well?  Yup…that’s Roger!
Revel in your God-given natural intelligence this week.  It’s absolutely clear you deserve to be a member of Mensa.
Brainy love to all this week!