things unseen

Isn’t it amazing how one’s mind can ‘fill in the blanks’?  You have this astounding skill whether you realize it or not.
For example:

Sharp as a tack, aren’t you? Smarty. Your mind immediately clues you in these are NOT the feet of the American Bald Eagle, but rather the petite claws of the rarest of Colorado hummingbirds….the Rainbow-Throated, Turqoise-Eyed Male Dufous Hummer. He put on a stunning display of colorful aerial acrobatics for me. Sorry you only get to view his paws…better to let your nimble mind fill in the gaps.
Here’s the next example

Such brilliance!  How your mind can comprehend this is not an Old English Sheepdog is beyond me!  This is my compadre….Roxy Doxy, watching the rare hummingbirds with me.  She referenced her personal Audobon Hummingbird Guide to help me positively identify the previous photo of the Male Dufous Hummer.  Don’t try to start a political discussion with her….or talk NCAA b-ball.  You WILL regret it.
Example numero tres
How did you discern this is NOT LeBron James?  I mighta thought it was super-star LeBron, but I happen to know it is my super-star horse trainer….small person Roger!  He possibly was celebrating the big 5-0 at a local Mexican eatery.  Can’t you just see his face in your mind’s eye?  Are you picturing his 4-fingered hand as well?  Yup…that’s Roger!
Revel in your God-given natural intelligence this week.  It’s absolutely clear you deserve to be a member of Mensa.
Brainy love to all this week!

2 thoughts on “things unseen

  1. "not LeBron James"… do you know how much I miss reading your posts, Kate when silly ol life gets in the way? No? Well I miss them a lot!!!!!!! Lebron James *snicker*!

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