a pawtriot reminder

Roxy Doxy has been peppering me with questions today…..‘Have you heard the I Have a Dream speech?’, ‘Were you alive in 1963…do you remember it?’, ‘Did you realize tomorrow is the 47th anniversary of the speech at the Lincoln Memorial?’, ‘What’s a Lincoln Memorial and have you ever been there?..are dappled dachshunds welcome?’  whew!
betsy wiener

Doxy’s right-wing radio shows have been talking about some of the events taking place in Washington tomorrow.  She sat up and begged for the cash to fly there-I told her she had to work to make her own money.  She called some of her tea-party buddies, but their bus was all full.  I admire her foray into American history, but her politics lately are…..suspect.

I explained to the wiener I was indeed alive in 1963.  My little red-headed, freckled-face self was 7 years old.  Picture a female Opie and you’d be pretty close.

I remember the middle Sprout coming home from 3rd grade asking me if I knew about the Dream speech.  (most 3rd graders aren’t asking their parents questions like this…I realize….you’d just have to know the middle Sprout!)  We promptly opened up the encylopedia (days before youtube) and read the entire speech.  During her college years, we made our sojourn to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  Gazed at that reflecting pool and pictured the entire scene.  One of my life’s highlights.

Anyhoo, the pawtriot wiener dog asked me to put up this video of the Dream speech.  She thinks we should all re-listen to it.  Or re-read it.  She’s interested in the content of character quote….she doesn’t take kindly to being judged solely on her breeding.  I can’t blame her.

Keep dreaming and have an inspired weekend!

One thought on “a pawtriot reminder

  1. I could melt into those gorgeous, soft brown eyes of hers, what an adorable photo! The dream speech is also a famous moment in history, even over here. It's words are as powerful today as it ever was then.

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