cure for the on-wees

The jet boat of summer has motored off the lake.  All that remains is a broad wake of ennui.  That’s on-wee for you non-French readers.  Listlessness, languor, tedium.
I can’t help it.  I have it.  Ingredients beyond my control are being poured into my on-wee cocktail.  Some things I won’t talk about.  Others are pretty typical for ladies of a certain age.  Can you spell h-o-t-f-l-a-s-h-e-s or c-o-l-o-n-o-s-c-o-p-y?  Serenity prayer 911!  Where’s my life jacket?

Know what’s a good antidote for the on-wees?  Jumping.  You heard me….jumping!  When the on-wees are dragging you down, look up.

Yes, I know my stomach is showing.  I have a stomach and it hangs out sometimes…deal with it.  Try to see my joy, people.

Better yet, jump with someone else.  With the Texan.  On a big rock in the sky!

Watch your Sprout jump.

Watch your Sprout-in-law nimbly click his heels.

And the numero uno, the number 1 all-time best cure for the on-wees is…..

Roxy-Doxy on a rock.  Does it for me.
I may be simple, but I’ve got my tried-and-true cures for the on-wees.

Note:  Even though she’s just a wiener with questionable political affiliations, who doesn’t enjoy Olympic curling, and who has a suspect method of selecting her NCAA b-ball tournament bracket, the Texan and I love her.  She’s having surgery for a hernia tomorrow.  I know all will be fine…..but she’s our baby.
Of course…..I’ll let you know how she does.  Thanks for caring.
May you be blessed.  Jumping love to all this week.

4 thoughts on “cure for the on-wees

  1. KI relate to ennui syndrome. I've had a exquisite case for sometime. And, you are right…best to always look up and do something fun!As to your stomach showing…this is very chic in Brasil. It does not matter what size stomach one has…it needs to be shown. In fact, a little tummy hang over the pants with a top that won't cover it is great. They call this midrif excess "gostosa," and it means something like more of a good thing is a better thing.kissesS

  2. What a beautiful little girl – I hope her surgery and recovery went well. In addition to having 3 grown daughters (human… usually), I have cat babies. Pets are excellent children, aren't they?!Great pics – they made me smile!

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