dogtal hygienist

Told you about the vet giving me instructions to brush the wiener’s teeth.  Thought it would be a struggle….but surprisingly….NO.  Seems I have a highly trainable canine.  Started by showing her the toothbrush and carefully explaining the need for proper oral hygiene.

She wisely nodded and sniffed her approval.  Where’s Gene and why are you telling him ‘hello’.  Lord…eye-rolling….why must dachshunds take everything so literally?
Anyhoo, the toothbrushing training was proceeding well.  Not sure the animal cracker reward didn’t undo all the toothy cleanliness we were striving to obtain.

She’s progressed miles in the last few days.  She WAS quietly accepting it, but YOU know the wiener.  She’s always 100% ‘in’.
During today’s cleaning, she barked orders asking I make an appointment with my favorite dentist….the talented dentist-to-the-stars….Dr. Clint Esler.  She said she was very interested in professional teeth whitening (her Crest White Strips weren’t suiting her) and she MIGHT be a candidate for dental veneers-but she never undergoes ANY dental procedure without nitrous.  ‘Please advise Dr. Esler’
She produced the following picture….seems the wiener desires her teeth to look like Pamela Anderson’s teeth.
Pamela Anderson??  You looked at this photo of Pam Anderson and all you noticed were her TEETH?! 
Now you realize what I was thinking…..
can dental implants be far behind?! 

3 thoughts on “dogtal hygienist

  1. Your little girl is such a princess (giggle). I visited my friend in Seattle last year, and completely lost my heart to Teddy, a gentle little Weiner who was simply love incarnate.

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