fair play: bite this!

Fair food….a gunblast of aromas.  Enjoy, my friends!

I discern a food theme, I think.  Monster burgers?

Giant corndogs?

Are you seeing it?  What is it?
You know your fair-food themes, don’tcha?
My advice:  skedaddle from any food labeled giant or monster.  I had an encounter with a monster lemonade.  Seemed innocent and healthy enough at the time.  The colorful plastic container was so heavy, I rented a stroller to proudly wheel the acidy beverage around the fairgrounds.  Upon finishing said lemon beverage, my stomach rapidly expanded to somewhere north of my eyeballs.  I sprouted gills and swam the backstroke around the midway.  Knocked down several innocents on my next 5 urgent bathroom stops.  ooops.
Remember….don’t eat monster or giant unless you are willing to suffer the digestive consequences!
Tomorrow we wrap up our trip to the fair.  We’ll be exploring the rides!  Take your dramamine! 

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