winner’s circle of life

(A wonderful mare I owned who shared some of Secretariat’s bloodlines.  Do you like my goat?  This was taken in 1996…explaining the horrid ‘mom jeans’)

Happy Monday all!  Hope everyone had the opportunity to see the new movie Secretariat.  You must see this movie.

Most of you know I ride and show Quarter horses, so I am unabashedly biased in my love for all things equine.  Even if you don’t know a stirrup from a girth strap, you will enjoy this movie.  The movie addresses the quality of greatness.  We see greatness in the horse, in the stubborn faith of the owner Penny Chenery Tweedy.  We see greatness in the wacky, unconventional horse trainer and in the grit of the petite jockey.

Check out this wonderful blog post addressing the leadership principles from the movie.  It’s an enlightening and inspiring read.

One of my favorite quotes in the movie states “It’s not whether they think we won.  It’s whether we think we won.”  This resonates with me because in the fickle world of horse showing, one minute you’re the blue ribbon-the next minute you’re the dookie pile.  You do your best.  You put yourself out there.  Who knows what will happen?  But, you know what?  I’m a winner every time I throw my leg over my horse.  That’s right……I’m a winner because I’m out there…doing something.  I have faith I’ll grow in knowledge and increase my skill level.  I’m a winner because I’m not home napping on the barcalounger.  Lastly, I’m a winner because I’m privileged to ride one of God’s greatest creatures.  It’s always a privilege and a blessing.  I’m grateful.

Another powerful movie scene shows Secretariat’s trainer burning all the old news clippings of his famous failures with past horses.  He’s done with clinging to the failures of the past.  How about you and I gather our past failures, regrets and disappointments and toss them into a bonfire and torch it today?  They’re gone….outta here…burned to ashes….scattered in the wind.  Our lessons are learned, but we never cling to failure….nope that’s not the way we roll.

I think every one of you is doing something today that classifies you as a winner.  Believe it and take your rightful place in the winner’s circle.  *****flashbulbs popping*****look at you*****aren’t you something?!*****
Winner’s circle love to all this week.

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