slip of the tongue

Happy start of another week.  Here’s a short political video I found online this AM.  It made me giggle.  It’s short.  YOU MUST WATCH IT.  A fresh breath of honesty amidst a stinky, stale wind of political discourse.  Gotta love a women who tells the truth!   Enjoy!

This slip-up reminds me of how massively I stressed over the pronunciation of a name at my big emcee gig recently.  I sweated bullets (and shotgun shells) over this name.  This individual is wonderfully nice, but in a pickle of stress and stage-fright, one could go tremendously WRONG in the articulation of this man’s moniker.  What was the tricky name I navigated flawlessly?

Prenis  (pree-nus).  Could you pronounce this in the big, hot spotlight??

sunset 1

Wishing you calm in the spotlight this week.

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