the audacity of snow

Yesterday was a near-perfect 70 degree day.  We were blythely performing our autumnal tasks in shirt sleeves.  Last evening, a thunderstorm rolled in and ruthlessly drenched our town.  Almost 4 inches in one hour!  We don’t get lots of rain in this high desert of the Texas Panhandle, so the storm created mucho misery for motorists who were stranded on Interstate 40.   Businesses flooded, roofs leaked and all watery hell broke loose.

The night was ominous and thunder-y.  Definitely a covers pulled tight over the head type of night.  I told the Texan the air was reminiscent of a summer storm in the mountains.  While we were TRYING to catch our required shut-eye, the sky snappily flashed, the wind rattled the rafters and the incessant booming rolled.

This, fellow Chicken Winger, is the icy slap I received this a.m.
Check out the Texan’s hammock.  Looks like his swinging days are over.  Catch the detail of the Christmas lights on the house.  Yep, he was putting them up before the winter weather hit.  The man is GENIUS!
Care for a picnic on the back patio?  Don your long-johns and have an ice scraper handy.
OK….the Hacienda in back looks kinda……picturesque.  Cold, but picturesque.
Here’s the view from my office.  Yes people, this is where the storms of Chicken Wing creativity rain down.  Most of the time, I’m just praying for inspiration.  This is the sacred cradle of OCWAP.  Presenting my view this fine morning.  You’re welcome.
*****alert*****Just fielded a phone call from the Texan on his way to work!  He reports the snowflakes are as large as napkins and the first snow is causing a hellish traffic snafu in town.  He also observed this morning that my tall purple fountain grass waving proudly in patio pots looked more like smashed weeping willows.  Really funny, Texan….har-dee-har-har.  So much for the ‘purple fountain grass looks pretty in pots ALL winter!’ kind of talk.  sigh.
A certain someone has stubbornly crossed her legs and refuses to go out for her morning business.
She’s taking the ‘ignore it and it will go away’ position.  Good luck with that, wiener.
One thing is certain.  Everything changes.  I will appreciate the beauty of this day even though winter, and cold, and ice and snow aren’t my cup of hot chocolate.  I think the weather gurus are saying 70’s again next week.  Oh, joy!

That’s it from here, friend.  Sending snowflake love and best wishes to you from my West Texas ice bunker.  Enjoy yourself this weekend.

One thought on “the audacity of snow

  1. Beautiful! Enjoy.Here it's getting hotter and rainy…and there is a lot of blooming going on which leaves the air smelling sweet everywhere….but it is always green here and some flowers are always blooming. Still, I would trade you a few days just to feel the cold and see the snow outside again.kissesS

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