divine weekend

Sunday was a busy…typically Christmas-y type day.  Moving from one activity to the next, while savoring each unique holiday experience.
The day burst forth with singing at church.  It was my church choir’s Christmas musical.  It’s a great day not only because of the festive singing, but because we have some uber-talented members of our local symphony join us.

The chorus and orchestra warming up before the service.

I slapped back my own hand as I was about to relate my recent flute dream to our actual talented symphony flautist.  It was for the best.  I would’ve scared her.

The sanctuary is dressed up in her Christmas finery.  I’d fought a nasty sickness all week and didn’t know if I’d be able to participate.  I did and I am grateful.

After a nice visit and lunch with my mom at the retirement home, I skedaddled home and began the process of making divinity.

Now…if you don’t know…divinity can be a pretty persnickety candy to make.  It’s a humbling candy and I’ve bawled, pulled my hair out and tossed out many a batch.

The weather was perfect for candy-making on Sunday-dry and calm.

Completed several batches to give away as Christmas gifts.

I also gave away cherry-infused vodka in mason jars.  The Texan thinks it looks weird, but it’s my favorite I tell you!  Handpicked those cherries myself on a humid, hot summer day.  The cherries have been lazing around in that alcohol for 6 months!  Could use a sip right now…..hmmmmm…..

Doxy said she was ‘quality control’.  I didn’t buy it!

 Just a shot to show you how perfectly pretty the divinity turned out.
Do you like divinity?
Then, it was a drive to the (farther out) country for dinner with Sprout #1 and the gracious daughter-in-law (D-I-L).  Their house is rugged, lovely and relaxing.
The Texan and I sat by the fire on the oversized chair.  We made pigs of ourselves while watching the Cowboys.  I didn’t lift a finger.  The D-I-L kept bringing me warm cider.  The evening was enchantingly relaxing.  This was the view out the front window.
Hay Buddy
Check out all the trees on the horizon!  Wow.  That’s the Texas Panhandle for you! 

Made out like a bandit when D-I-L sent me home with a jar of wasabi mayonnaise from Trader Joe’s and a jar of her own prickly pear jelly.  My condiment cup runneth over…and other cups, too.

Hoping this blog finds you enjoying your Christmas activities. 

Divine love to all this week.

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