a bloggy anniversary

Self-aggrandizing.  That’s how the Texan described my idea for this blog post.  Read on?…..you decide.

I’m shouting from the tippy-top of my chicken coop:
On a Chicken Wing and a Prayer is celebrating it’s one (1) year anniversary!!
birthday cake

A year ago, I was just another middle-aged lady with unwanted facial hair armed with a new Nikon camera and a copy of Blogger for Dummies.  It was an enormously bodacious bite, but I’ve managed to keep pecking away in 2010.  Naw, I don’t have a barnyard full of followers.  Only losers measure success solely by those numbers!  Ever hear of quality over quantity?  Ever hear of sticktoittiveness?
Here’s the self-aggrandizing part the Texan was warning you about.  I want to take a moment to recognize some of OCWAP’s best moments….chosen by…..me.

Here’s some of the best chicken scratch of 2010 
You have a favorite on the list?  Puh-leeze flap your wings and cluck it out in the comments section.  It would tickle my gizzard to hear your cock-a-doodle-doooo!

1.  dog or dishrag?
2.  are you suffering olympic withdrawal syndrome?

1.  in the meantime-part deux
2.  rising above

1.  march madness
2.  addictive as crack

1.  don the life vest
2.  gracias Senor!

1.  leapin’ what? 6 lessons we learn from frogs
2.  10 questions-is it love or obsession?

1. frenzied fawn gets his whup ass on
2. mountain mysteries

1.  day in the life of a show horse
2.  signs, signs, everywhere a sign

POST ABSOLUTELY NO ONE UNDERSTOOD (but still makes me laugh.  Ever hear of  Our Town….. Thornton Wilder?  You know the famous play??  nevermind
1.  our (prairie dog) town

Loved this year of blogging my guts out.  Loved learning about my camera.  Mostly, I’ve loved sharing the craziness (and effective facial hair remedies) with you.  Your comments have continually cheered meYou readers make my day…uh…year.

Again, cluck out your favorite, if you are so inclined.

New Year’s love to all.  My resolution, you ask??  Put down the camera and walk away from the prairie dog……

6 thoughts on “a bloggy anniversary

  1. I say self-aggrandize away!!! Lovethe beautiful pictures you're making and the funny, quirkycommentary. Happy 1st Anniversaryand keep on beating that drumstick,no I mean chicken wing.Laudi, laudi

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