it’s a blog party

My bloggy friend, Margaret, over at Nanny Goats in Panties had a clever idea. What if all her blog friends exchanged white elephant gifts? What if they all got linked up and wrote about it?

Margaret is cool. She writes about goats and other satirical stuff. I like goats, so I like Margaret and her blog. Does that make me cool? You decide.  I’m so IN, Margaret!

My gift comes all the way from the Left Coast-Sacramento!  My generous gift-giver is Eileen.  You can read Eileen’s blog at

Eileen sent this fun western frame to me. Does it just shout West Texas, or what? My life includes cactus and horses….just like what is on this frame! One can see how something like this might not fit the decor in Sacramento. But out here….where the wind and the buffalo play….where seldom is heard, a discouraging word….O.K., you get the idea.

Inserted this steamin’ hot mildly lukewarm western-y photo of me at the ranch last summer. Perfecto subject matter for this frame, right-o? Whaddaya think, Eileen? I think this gift is WAY too nice to be considered a white elephant gift.
I thank you very kindly.
I sent a gift to another blogger. My gift was truly white elephant.
See what I mean?  Who wouldn’t simply adore having a bright green ceramic goat creamer??
If you care to read about all the wacky white elephant gift exchanges, head over to

 Green goat love to all.

14 thoughts on “it’s a blog party

  1. OMC, that goat is… amazing! Yeah, that's it. You got the better deal, receiving that frame.Babs, the arrow, according to my human, represents "injuns," or rather, Native Americans. Either that, or Ted Nugent.

  2. I'm feeling so much better seeing what everyone else sent and received. I was a little worried, but Nanny Goat's fish and that cream filled goat have me feeling a-OK. Cute frame. You made out.

  3. I am SO jealous of that green goat. Seriously.And how perfectly Texas is that picture frame? I wonder if Eileen did that on purpose. And now that Babs mentions it, yeah, what is the arrow for? Is that as in bows and arrows from the Cowboys and Indians days?

  4. Oh, MAN! I was a particpant in this exchange, and I didn't get anything nearly as cool as a green goat.BOO!!!Except, you know, yay for you…green goat getter.

  5. When I saw that I was sending this gift to Texas I thought it was so fitting!! I have horses too but that frame just didn't make it here. I'm glad you could use it (or not).Eileen

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