what’s in a road name?

Received a sweet note from a friend a few days ago. I was struck by the descriptiveness of the note writer’s street name….Rippling Creek Drive. Doesn’t that conjure up picturesque images?? No way you’ll find a street name like that ’round these arid parts of West Texas.  Any road name including the terms ‘creek’, ‘stream’, ‘springs’, ‘lake’ or ‘shady’ and you know some street namer’s lyin’! Got me wee mind a’wonderin’….how would I describe the roads and boulevards I frequent every single day?  What would I name……

1. Our circle driveway?
Roadrunner Roundabout

roadrunner 001a

Prickly Pear Parkway
Hangontoyerhat Alley
Tarantula Trail
Rattler’s Den Road….too obvious??

2. The nursing home road where Mom lives?
Sundown Lane
Goin’ West Way
Polident Path
Last Leg Lane
Dulocolax Drive
Ancient Avenue

3. The road to my #3 Sprout’s house….where a hot grass fire just missed burning their house down?
Tinderbox Turnpike
Blazing Saddles Boulevard
Great Bonfire Way
Conflagration Course
Still Standin’ Street

4. The footpath to Cadillac Ranch? A popular tourist attraction on Interstate 40 just outside the city limits.

Dead Auto Alley
Gas Guzzler Drive

5.  The internet route to On a Chicken Wing and a Prayer?
Chicken Coop Terrace
Hen House Highway
Rue la Menopause
Heart Attack Overlook
Cock-a-doodle-do Concourse
Winding Wiener Way


What would you name the byway to your house?  C’mon and tell me.

Here’s wishing your week includes a trip down Lover’s Lane.

3 thoughts on “what’s in a road name?

  1. Oh, you do crack me up, what a wonderful post! Your darling poochie is ADORABLE in that shot, so snugglable (yes, it is a word, I'm sure it is).We re-named our house when we moved in, to Bramble Brae – our back garden leads on to a sloping glen full of bramble bushes on either side. But apt tho' it is, that's not the real reason why I chose the name – it's also the name of the house I grew up in, in Scotland (smile).

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