very good Friday

Lately my ‘get up and go’ has ‘gone down and went’. Some days I want to stay in bed… have a headache…can’t think straight…wanna eat pralines and cream straight from the carton. But TA-day, with the help of the middle Sprout and the Texan, I finished a project! Do I hear a BOO-YAH?

The back patio

This was the perfect day…Good Friday…to work on the patio. Hauling out the succulents I kept in the sunroom through the winter, and planting some pots with a few annuals. The weather:  warm. The wind:  still. Un-freakin-believable.

Brought out the radio and cranked up K-LOVE to be inspired on this Holy day. Praise and worship music perfectly tuned to plant petunias.

where I worshipped this Good Friday

This song spoke to me….Who Am I, by Casting Crowns

I am a flower quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow….a vapor in the wind.

Get to growin’ plants!

Proud I finally finished something. Break out the margaritas, Texan. It’s patio season!!

Thanks to my fellow gardeners. You helped me cross the finish line. I’m grateful.

Good Friday love to all. Hang on….Easter’s comin’.

6 thoughts on “very good Friday

  1. this is the kind of project that rewards while doing it and gifts each day after- enjoy!!! And I hope you had a wonderful wonderful Easte!

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