rockin’ with TSO

We did something fun.

Some out-of-town friends (big Trans-Siberian Orchestra fans) invited us to accompany them to the TSO concert in our town last Friday night.

My exposure to TSO consisted of hearing bits and pieces about their wonderful Christmas concerts. I’d seen a few videos….that’s about it.

We went and it was just….WOW! What they do is unique and thoroughly entertaining. The talent on display is stupendous. The visuals of the performers, the lasers, the stage lighting, the huge LED screens and the pyrotechnics combine to knock your socks off.

Wanna see some photos of TSO? Here goes.

The Narrator of our story

The title of our story was Beethoven’s Last Night. It was an imaginary journey into circumstances surrounding Beethoven’s talent and his unwritten Tenth Symphony. The narrator drove the storyline and set up the acts. This handsome fellow was mesmerizing. His voice bellowed through the auditorium in Shakespearean prose. We were all rightly smitten in the palms of his confidently upturned hands.

Our main character, Beethoven

Our Beethoven thrilled us with his passionate voice. This singer/actor had it all….he could sing opera-style, he could ROCK it, and he could break your heart and bring you to tears with his dulcet tones. I was in awe. His voice was inspiring. He really ‘did it’ for me.

Evil Mephistopheles

This guy is Lucifer personified….the handsome devil was always trying to trick poor Beethoven into giving him his music. There was lots of fire onstage when he sang. He possessed a hellacious voice.

A view of stage right.
Yep….we were on the front row!
Pyrotechnics. Don’t sit on the front row if you can’t stand the heat!
Look at this smile!

I adore this photo. Our violin man looks to be having the time of his life, yes? The expression is one of pure joy and all of us front-rowers were reflecting this attitude back to him. Does your job inspire you to smile like this?

The sultry love interest.

This young lady was simply bursting with talent and sexiness. Her singing was sultry and oh……that dress. PER-FEC-TION. At the end of the show, they introduced the cast. I didn’t catch her name but they said she was from our little town. I couldn’t believe it! Does anyone know her? If you do…..let me know. She had mad dancing skills, too!

Dancing girls.

As if the pyrotechnics weren’t enough, TSO sealed the deal with sexy dancing girls. Think the Laker Girls or the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. The were radically gorgeous and they did double-duty as singers.

The show-stopper.

I didn’t exactly catch her name, but this seductive red-head brought the audience to it’s knees with her third hand. Other than her saggy chin, I thought she was damn sexy and she rocked the crowd with her raspy voice. Could this concert end any more perfectly??

The Texan and I got home at ***gasp*** eleven-thirty! I’m talking in the p.m.!

It was a great night. Thanks Roddy and Donna for asking this boring couple to such a hip and fun show. We loved it and we love you for asking us. You’re rock stars.

Bic Lighter love to all this week.

3 thoughts on “rockin’ with TSO

  1. Haha, love the Bic lighter sign off..! We have tickets to a rock concert too, this month (and yeah, I am worried about missing my self-inflicted 11pm curfew, too – giggle). Sounds as though you had a truly awesome night, the pics say it all!

  2. 1. I had no idea that's what TSO did. I only know the Christmas music. Clearly I need to expand my horizons. (As if that wasn't obvious before.)2. My mom tried to convince me to wear a prom dress with a slit as high as that in the photo. I didn't. Sometimes I wish I did. Like now. WHY DID I NOT HUSSY IT UP WITH THE SLIT?3. I see no sag to that chin.

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