the wild bunch

Dogsittin’ the wild bunch while everyone is off watching the son-in-law be an ironman.

wiener, bichon, golden-doodle, bichon all looking for treats

The s-i-l finished the ironman with his best time EVER!
Good thing he wasn’t raptured….or is it? I’m still here….is that a bad sign?? Hel-lo….hel-lo (tapping the computer) anyone still out there?
Left behind love to all.

3 thoughts on “the wild bunch

  1. Oh my oh my oh my, those dogs are too adorable for words. Treats or not, I admire your posing prowess.Yeah, the Rapture was one fat disappointment. Now I have NO excuse for not mulching the front flowerbeds. Effin' Camping.

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