stripper or granny?

I’m admitting it. My thinking is just wrong on so many levels….but, I can’t help myself.

The dilemma:  the middle sprout is having a BABY!!! One of the male variety!! Isn’t that just the most outstandingly happy, super-duper wildly wonderful-est news ever? Why…..yes it is!

Among the impending details….the Texan and I must think of our ‘grandparent names’. Are we simply gonna be granny and grampa or grandma and gramps or what?

The trend among my savvy-grandma friends is to christen themselves with a cute and memorable grandma moniker. This is an outstanding idea…..BUT….I know I’m the WORST….they all sound like stripper names to me. When they read this, I will now have no more grandma friends.

Maybe I’m the sicko….but YOU be the judge. Here are some actual ‘granny’ names. I’ve taken the liberty of adding the flavorful and zesty last names.

Bubbles Glitzhaven
Mimi LaFeet
Sugar Mittens
Birdie Paradisio
GayGay NoSay

See what I mean? Stripper, stripper….stripper! I’m so wildly desperate, I visited the stripper name generator (don’t even PRETEND like you haven’t seen these links on Facebook. I’m not buyin’ it!) to uncover my colorful, exciting granny name. My results:

Raquelle Lustywhip

What do you think? Appropriate? I kinda like it.

Anyhoo, I’m still mulling. May take the simple way out and just go by my first name……Kate, or Kathy. What do you think? The beloved, now-deceased mother-in-law was simply ‘Trish’ to my kids. It seemed to work really well all these years. As always, Trish set a fine example.

I value your opinion. Don’t be afraid to speak up.
I’m also in the market for a good pony. You’ll contact me if you know of one….yes?
What about Lexxxie?….oh….pity the poor grandson!
Raquelle-amour to all this week.

7 thoughts on “stripper or granny?

  1. Admittedly, I find the "Raquelle Lustywhip" idea rather appealing, but not for the reason at hand. ;)Maybe I'm a bit old fashioned, but what's wrong with "Grandma & Grandpa", or one of the version thereof? Just sayin'.

  2. Oh those poor grandbabies, you know they are going to cringe once they grow old enough to have to introduce those grandparents to their friends!What an exciting time for you and yours right now – over here, the usual affectionate term for granny is Nan, not too outlandish, but kinda' warm and fluffy!

  3. I am a personal fan of Bubbie, I also think your suggestion of Birdie minus the Paradiso is kinda cute. You could always go the true West Texan route and do MaMaw (Pronounced Mah (like Waaah) Maw)and PaPaw (you get it…) or in New Orleans it's MawMaw & PawPaw. Just remember, if you come up with something too elaborate, the little guy might have trouble pronouncing the names and you and the Texan end up being called TeeTee & PooPoo. Also, I don't think MiMi is a good idea, as the only MiMi's I've known have been crazy Mimi's and not good crazy, if you know what mean… Good luck and congratulations!

  4. Are you sure you're ready? I think that your grandbaby will name you appropriately. Not sure about using those stripper names, got change for a $20? I need some $1's.

  5. that could work- he could call you "Lustywhip" for short. I kind of agree with Geek, if you are willing to wait, your grandson will name you and it couldn't be something quite cool, hmm, or awful and then you'd be stuck with it. All I know is that when we were pregnant with Bear, my mom had a heck of a time picking out her name. She went from grandma to Nona to Nonna and then back to Nona. I'm still not quite sure what she is today, but i can tell you that every single card she gave Bear during those first 6 months of his life have a different moniker meaning grandma on it!!! So once you pick your name- stick with it so as not to confuse the poor boy!!!!And congratulations again 🙂

  6. Well, first off: Congratulations to you and your family! I assume you are buying out every store featuring wee-people clothes. It is apparently Grandparent-to-Be Rule #1. Also, possibly Rules #2-9.Second, for the name, I say all the way or nothing. No waffling here. You're either Crystal/Juli-with-no-e/Brandy or you're Gram. End of story.(I kind of want to borrow Lustywhip, though. Not sure for what as of yet, but the year is young.)

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