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Have you gone to an upscale baby store lately? Wowza! Visited Baby Bliss in Dallas recently because the pregnant sprout told me I should take a look-see. Baby paraphernalia sure has changed….I literally had NO IDEA of the purpose of  half  the items in the store. The baby design market has been claimed by the Europeans…..think IKEA…only for baby. Ergonomic bottle shapes, video monitors, pads with sensors, and swaddling blankets complete with womb noises to soothe the fussy newborn are de rigueur.

Aye, the strollers! Have you seen the new strollers?! Oh, excuse me….they are no longer referred to as strollers, rather infant transportation systems….ahem. Technological marvels and they are a bargain at the price of a little less than a Prius.

I tried to find an internet photo of the type of umbrella stroller in which I schlepped my infants. Couldn’t find a photo that was realistically ugly enough. Picture folding, rickety bright yellow vinyl attached to four headstrong wheels each wanting to turn his own direction. Included was a plastic strap that had to be threaded through a metal loop around baby’s waist while baby was impatiently screaming and flailing. The strap coming up between baby’s leg to keep him from falling out was broken. Sunshade? Don’t picture one, cuz I didn’t have one. We didn’t know sun was bad for babies back then. The noisy contraption was heavy, but it did fold in half and would kinda fit in the back of a Suburban.

From that….to my future grandson’s infant transportation system!!


Read how the company describes the modern marvel:

Bugaboo – Cameleon Stroller – Red Base
The Mercedes of stroller…what can’t this stoller do? The Bugaboo Cameleon is a celebration of individualism and transformation. It adapts to the needs of you and your child from 0 to 4 years in almost any environment and climate. It features adjustable suspension, an adjustable handlebar, and an easy-to-compact aluminum frame. Equally unique, it also offers a wide range of tailored fabrics, colors, and thoughtful accessories which allows you to customize the Cameleon and transform it into an expression of your own taste, mood, and style.

Features Include:

– Undercarriage with wheels

– Seat/Carrycot frame

– Carrycot fabric

– Seat fabric

– Sun canopy

– Under seat storage basket

– Mosquito net

– Rain cover

– Carry handle

– Maintenance kit

– Customizable tailored fabrics (one fabric color included)

– Reversible seat

– Reversible handlebar

– 2-Wheel position for sand and snow

– 3-Position tilting seat

– Folds compactly

– Wheel suspension

– Easy maneuverability

– Aerosleep mattress

– Adaptable to various car seats

– Carrycot can be used separately

– Weight – 19.8 lbs.

The pregnant Sprout proudly demonstrated all the features of this incredible stroller….forward, backwards, in, out, up, down, gadgets that attach and unattach with the press of a button.
It even comes with an optional port for your ipad2 and an electrical outlet for blending margaritas on the fly. Honest.

I confess…it’s an engineering marvel. Amazing. But…..will this techie challenged, arthritic-handed granny be able to use it? Uh….we’ll see. Maybe if it was equipped with an Icy-Hot dispenser. I’ll write the company.

While in Dallas, I purchased a practical gift for the grandson.

One never knows when the grandson will need to trim the sails with his granny, Ms. Lustywhip. Best to be prepared.

Top-sider love to all.

2 thoughts on “new baby technology

  1. ahhhhhh!!!!!! my pregnant belly hurts from laughing so hard!!! Oh my, you make me laugh, Ms Lustywhip.As for the stroller- you'd better watch- you can hike Mt Everest with that thing, so you might need more than some Icy Hot relief. I remember being a passenger in those umbrella strollers. VIVIDLY remember ;).

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