summer of discontent

Don’t want to revisit the summer of 2011…..ev-er. Hoping this is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ kind of character building experience.

Tried to obtain hay yesterday for my best-old-lady-horse-in-the-world, Rodney. There’s no hay….for cows, horses, or any other ruminants. Oh I exaggerate, but the hay producers don’t have much hay to sell. Limited quantities=high prices. Most producers are hoping we’ll get some late summer rains to start a fall crop of hay. I dunno if that’s gonna happen-the forecasts are not promising.

People are praying for rain. There’s many a private prayer being offered and lots of public gatherings beseeching the Creator for more moisture. The governors of Texas and Oklahoma have asked the citizens to pray for rain. The governor of Oklahoma said “We’re the Bible belt…praying is what we do”. Well put, Governor.

We can’t complain even though we (like many others) are selling cow herds. This is especially sad because it takes some time to put a cow herd together with the genetics just how you like them. There’s no pasture, no pasture close by to lease and no feed. The economics are not working this year. We’ll survive (by the grace of God)….but many will not.

I have an intense admiration and fondness for the salt-of-the-earthers in this area. They set their jaw and they get the job done. They understand hard times….their ancestors endured the dust bowl. Surviving tribulation is in their genes. It’s a boot to the gut to witness these long-suffering folk lose their livelihood.

I’m praying for rain too, although I wonder what the larger lesson is we should be learning while living through this historic drought. All I can come up with is we are totally dependant on God…for every breath and for every drop of rain. His presence surrounds us in good times and in bad. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Any other lessons you can think of?

Oh….but there’s one thing keeping us enthusiastic. The thing that makes us wanna get up and greet each new day with a grin and a shout. It’s this bulging belly full of promise!

doesn’t he look like he’s going to have red hair??

 The Sprout was kind enough to let me take this photo. She generally shuns the limelight, unlike her overbearing mother. I think she’s beautiful.

The bump helps me keep enthusiasm for the future. Makes me do silly things like pony-shop and write songs. In the midst of this summer of discontent, I am most profoundly grateful.

Cool misty love to all.

One thought on “summer of discontent

  1. Oh my, I had NO IDEA how dire this drought had become, it must be heartbreaking to have to watch your livelihood literally drying up with each passing day. I truly hope the rains will arrive to quench the land, and that it'll come soon, hon.This Summer is also seeing some of the worst rioting in the UK streets ever recorded. I am so glad my family are relocated to this tiny island. My dearest friend lives in Croyden, which has seen the worst of the arson/looting/rioting – and still it goes on.I think we will all be glad to turn the page on the summer of 2011.And yup, he sure looks like he's a red-head to me.. (wink)

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