I enjoyed capturing the reflections in the lake

Thought we’d made our last trip to the beloved mountains of Colorado. Happily, I was wrong! We had a short trip last weekend to see the changing leaves and to spend a little quality time with friends.

The brilliant aspens were heralds trumpeting the changing season. Blue sky, cool lake, warm sunshine=ahhhhh.

Perfecto walking weather.

Roxy Doxy’s bff, Nellie the Westie

It’s always a hoot watching the canines enjoying themselves. They took a thousand steps to our one step and wore themselves out!

Roxy Doxy contemplating the changing seasons and the meaning of life

The leaves made me ponder how our lives have changed over the years. Many of these folks are grandparents…unbelievable, you say? Believe it….they are!

Our cast of mountain characters

Well, my friends….our grandson comes into the world TOMORROW! It’s got me all thoughtful, gooey and introspective. Has me wondering what makes this milestone so special, aside from the fact a new life is entering the world, and the miracle of birth, and how this life might affect the world for good…..and on and on. Those are the obviously wonderful things.

I think what has me pumped up is something more on a personal level. It’s the possibility of change in me. I’m going to strap on an entirely new persona. Yes, I’ll still be me….but I’ll be different. I will be KK…the grandmother. A grandmother living with GrandBob, the grandfather. Maybe I’ll have the opportunity to be a better grandparent than I was a parent. Can I show more patience and be more loving to this grandson than I was the first time around with my own children? I think so….I’m older and a little wiser. Oh, how grateful I am for second chances!! Thankfully, I have friends who will help me out.

I’m ready for the change and the challenge.

Don’t worry…I’ll post the news and photos as soon as I can.

Wish us luck!

Seasonal love to all.

2 thoughts on “changes

  1. First, I am amazed at the sharpness and quality of your photography, I feel as if I could step right through the screen and be there with you – that last image is utterly adorable!The comments you make about "getting it right second time around" touched a chord with me, only last night I had a conversation with hubby about how much I wish I could go back through the years to raise our children with the knowledge we've aquired since then – sigh..What an exciting time this is for your family, I can't imagine how you must be feeling – although I am sure one day I will (grin)..

  2. Those pictures are so VIVID and SHARP! Wow- if that's half of what the day looked like, it must have been heavenly!!Thinking of you and your family so so so much today and tomorrow especially!!! Baby love to all and you'd better post info soon- even if I'm in labor and can't read it til a bit labor ;)I KNOW you will be a superhero of a KK grandma- hands down.

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