baby rogaine

Got to spend some time with the grandson today. I was shocked to find he had grown a thick, lustrous mane of dark hair. He’s only 6 weeks old! He’ll have a full beard at 4 months at this rate!

Is Mom slipping you some Rogaine??

Naw….I’m pullin’ your leg…..that’s the Sprout’s lovely long hair cascading down his forehead as she holds baby G. He looks handsome with dark hair….yes?

I got to hold him and talk to him and ‘mobilize him’ (got him a musical mobile) and kiss him and change him. It was loads of fun. I had forgotten how quirky the infant ‘mood’ can be.

uh-oh…somethin’ doesn’t feel right

                                Baby G can go from happy to sad to happy again in a snap

                      Are you wet/dirty or do you just depise cowhide?? This is TEXAS, baby!

Does this mean you’re going to be a vegan? Allright, sweetie….I’ll save you from the awful cowhide pillow.

I love spending time with baby G. He’s ‘seeing’ things now and he likes to babble at me.

Baby G smiling at his GrandBob

Babies are amazing and exhausting. The Sprout is doing great and she has the energy of a million women!  God knew what he was doing when he gave babies to the young.

I’m relearning some skills, but one thing I know for certain. I’d jump through flaming hoops for one of those baby smiles.

I’m grateful.

Hope this week leaves you grinning.

Lustrous locks love to all.

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