We have a problem on our hands.

 It’s hard to explain, so I’ll just show you.

The grandson enjoying his bouncy chair.
What the??…..someone appeared in the bouncy chair doing the ‘bichon wave’. Notice she strapped herself in for safety.
The baby experiencing his first try in the jumper.

Really Sophie??! How did you get in there?

The waving Bee-shawn Free-say is totally outta control.

Can her behavior be an extreme case of animal mimicry? Just like this clever owl?

Can you see him? I didn’t snap this photo BTW.

 Don’t tell the Sprout I found Soph swaddled in the crib with the pacifier. Come to think of it….was her barking episode telling me of her preference for pureed lamb?

Send. help. now.

Love to all.

2 thoughts on “mimicry

  1. If only Trot were smaller, I think he'd follow Sophie's lead with all the baby props around here. I did catch him lying on Ace's sheepskin over the weekend, a play silk tucked under his chin!

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