Ready, Set, GOpera!

I’m not an opera aficionado. Don’t know a libretto from a library card. I think a cadenza is something my grandmother stored her Sunday china in. No idea what toi, toi, toi means….is it the number three spoken in Latin or the sound of spitting to keep evil spirits at bay?

The gorgeous set of Amarillo Opera’s La Perichole

Even though I don’t know much about opera, I’m positive there are lots of reasons to like Amarillo Opera’s production of La Perichole.

You see, I attended a picnic on the stage and was treated to some sneak peeks of the upcoming performance.

I enjoy the fact this opera will be sung in my native tongue Oklahoma Hillbilly English. Therefore, I can understand perfectly what this gentleman is singing about.

He is singing about women being goddesses. Who am I to disagree??

I enjoy the fact this show is clever and it makes me laugh. I like to laugh.

Our heroine…Perichole

Isn’t she beautiful? She’s singing a song about how men are generally dull and thick-skulled. Who am I to disagree??

I enjoy hearing gorgeous voices and supporting the arts in our humble town. We are fantastically blessed to have outstanding talent grace the stage in our glorious Globe News Center. The acoustics are sublime, so please silence your cellphone.

The director described this opera as a fluffy, tasty bit of meringue. Now pies….that’s something I understand. Remember these?

Ever seen such gorgeous meringue?

I understand meringue and I LOVE it! Not sure I’ve ever had it at an opera before, but I’m ready.

Another thing about this show that excites me….some lucky locals are in the production. Gives me some hometown faces to bravo about.

This is Michael and he is over the moon about being in the opera, even though he plays the role of a prisoner.  I’m happy for him and can’t wait to spot him onstage.

Although I don’t count myself among the opera ‘educated’, I’m still attending La Perichole next weekend. It looks too fun to miss.

If you feel like coming….don’t be shy! Call AMARILLO OPERA for tickets to the show Saturday, March 31 or Sunday, April 1. There won’t be a quiz about opera terms or etiquette or anything like that.

Wait, wait…..seems I spoke too soon about the quiz.

What on earth are you doing, Roxy-Doxy?!

**Doxy breathless in a run-on sentence**I auditioned for the part of Perichole, but David O’Dell says I might be better cast as Madame Butterfly next season…do you realize it’s pronounced pear-uh-kole NOT pear-uh-CHOLE?…do you know the term opera buffa refers to all the hot, buffed-up men in the cast?…do you understand the term contralto refers to……

No opera quizzes. Just fun. Promise.

Buffed-up opera love to all.

3 thoughts on “Ready, Set, GOpera!

  1. Oh my goodness, your Roxy Doxy is a natural for the part (giggle)..!I am sure you will have a FAB time there, and yes, having it in your own mother-tongue can only but add to the pleasure. My father-in-law was a huge opera fan. Before he died, Hubby and I went with him on a long weekend to Verona. The only live perfomance I'd ever previously atttended was the children's opera, Dersomethingorotherendinginmouse..It was possibly the most memorable and amazing experience I've ever enjoyed – the acts were staged in an open air colleseuim, one where the Christians were once thrown to the lions – the atmosphere was electric, and the accoustics incredible. Ahhhhhh, memories!

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