What a busy week this has been! Wanted to share one of my most fun moments with you. I was asked to sing and do a little program for the NUFFS (no one under fifty-five) over at First Presbyterian Church. The Texan and I attended that fine church for many years, so it was kinda old home week for me.

Got to visit with Amarillo Man of theYear….Eddie M!

Eddie told me of BIG plans for his upcoming 100th this July! I’ll be there, Eddie.

The show for the NUFFS was a kind of  Broadway revue…complete with quick costume changes and very bad wigs. I definitely play for the ‘fun factor’.

I told the NUFFS absolutely NO NUDITY, so I left my clothes on for All That Jazz.

 My stage was in their gorgeous parlor.

Always keepin’ it classy with my redition of Memories from CATS. The flea-bitten old feline was remembering when she was a beautiful, young, and less-lumpy cat.
Channeling my inner Ethel Merman in Everything’s Comin’ Up Roses. The song is from Gypsy…about a stripper, but I STILL kept my clothes on. You’re welcome.

This bleached blonde floozy was trying to figure out how to love Him, from Jesus Christ Superstar.

Yup, you guessed it smarty pants! Everyone’s favorite Cockney, Eliza Doolittle.

The old Fantine dreaming a dream. Is there an owl or something makin’ a home in that wig??
Just when life KILLS Fantine’s dream, she yanks off the shawl/bad wig and underneath it all she’s really ANNIE belting out how everything will be great Tomorrow!

The above photo shows the fantastic accompianist who helped me…Miss Sara. She was my rock! Brava, Sara!

After my part of the program was done, I got to learn about fire safety.

Why, oh why did I not take a picture of the hot firefighter? My bad.

I learned basically that old folks are screwed if there’s a fire, cuz we’re all too feeble to get up out of our wheelchairs and run out of the house. We’re deaf and can’t hear the smoke alarm. Hell, we can’t even stop, drop, and roll! Most of us are tethered to an oxygen machine anyway, so we’re gonna die or explode. Lesson learned, Mr. Hot Firefighter.

Really….he was very nice and said we could call him for anything. Anything?. ..hmmmmmmm

Thank-you NUFFS for being an appreciative audience. I had a great time being with all of you.

NUFF-y love to all!

3 thoughts on “drama

  1. If I were at the door there, I'd be demanding to see your birth certificate – you are obviously FAR too young to be allowed in! Wow Kate, I am absolutely gobsmacked by this – what a brilliant and versatile performer you are, if you sounded even only half as good as you look, I'm betting it was a terrific night.

  2. I either roll with laughter, or cry with empathetic tears when I'm here. Today was so very much the roll variety!!!!!! You CRACK ME UP and I'm sure you gave everyone else a well deserved laugh as well. Ahh, you must be a blast in person, Kate!

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