paws and effect

When I’m working in the yard, Roxy-Doxy (a.k.a. ‘rockhound’) definitely has her own agenda. Her agenda does NOT involve helping me with the chores.

See?! She’s found the perfect stone! Isn’t this thrilling? ****yawn****whaterthechances??

As I dutifully unload my car of potting soil and plants, the Doxy has another plan for my day.

Yeah Roxy-Doxy…. I see your perfect rock. Nice. ****sigh****Rock=the cause
You’re gettin’ mighty close to the edge with that rock, wiener….don’t drop it!

Doxy….it’s gonna fa….. Uh-oh.

The effect.

The ultimate effect.

Pick up rock, throw rock into the bushes and repeat. The rock-drop never loses it’s appeal. Ne-ver.

You can imagine how much I am getting done…..

Spring love to all.

3 thoughts on “paws and effect

  1. Oh, you CLEVER girl, you – haaaaaaaaaa, my toes are simply curling in delight (clapping my hands in pleasure, here)! What a brilliant sequence of photo's, too, too funny, and such a delight.. oh, my Jake loves nothing better than to chew on a stone, I so totally, utterly get this.Hubby recently crafted a small rockery, finished off with flat, polished pebbles from the beach – yup, Jake is delighted he went to so much trouble for him, he's had hours of fun dismantling it..

  2. if you could teach her to remove rocks OUT of gardening areas, I'd hire her in a heartbeat for my rocky northern soil!!Her rock carting ways always crack me up!

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