may recap

Instead of apologizing for being a sluggish and slothful blogger, I’ll recap the entire month of MAY for you. Looks like it was a pretty fun month. I’ve been missing you. Ready to recap?? Let’s go!

The beginning of the month found me tromping around my yard admiring the blooming yuccas.

Yucca blooms on the hill behind my house

The middle of the month, the Texan and I got to keep the munchkin while his parents were out of town.

B&W rug-rat

Noticed the number of moths fluttering around my house diminished during his visit. Don’t suppose they flew into his constantly open, smiling mouth, do you? Naaawww.

I took advantage of the perfect opportunity to roll around on the floor with my camera and try to catch the drooling tyke in some nice light. I was pretty proud of these….but I’m pretty partial to the subject!

Later in the month, the Texan and I headed to Oklahoma City for the wedding of our nephew, Bob. It was a wonderful trip and we are over-the-moon for Bob and Laura. Bob’s mom called and asked if we would care to participate in the ‘flash-mob dance’ at the wedding. Flash-mob dance?? Well….count me IN! I’m packin’ my dancin’ shoes! I can cross ‘flash-mob dancing’ off my bucket list now. Wowza!! The Texan politely declined. Here’s a video of the flash-mob dance. I’m the goofy older lady dressed in black in the front. The mother of the groom is the beautiful blond in the bright blue dress.

Can you guess what Roxy-Doxy and I are doing in this next photograph?

If you guessed watching the solar eclipse, you’d be correct! I read on the internets one should NEVER look at the sun directly. Being a good citizen of eclipse observing, I poked a hole in a cardboard box and waited for the moon to cross over and black out the pattern of circular light. I didn’t observe a damn thing, but you’ll be glad to know I saved my retinas. Can’t speak for the wiener. The pic pretty well depicts the level of excitement on that chilly evening.

That brings us to events of last weekend. The Women’s Ranch Rodeo in Amarillo! My lovely daughter-in-law competed on one of the teams.

She roped a calf and cut some calves out of a herd. We whooped and hollered while her husband kept track of the times.

They didn’t win first place at the rodeo, but they had a highly respectable showing. Judging from the smile, I guess we didn’t embarrass her too badly. Congrats ladies, on your mad horsemanship and rodeo skills!!

Whole thing made me want to spend more time with my ‘best-old-lady-horse-in-the-world’, Rodney.

Thanks for catching up. I’m flashing you a grin….on horseback….just like the photo above!

Unburned retina love to all.

2 thoughts on “may recap

  1. you KNOW I clicked on that link… OH MY GOODNESS was that awesome!!! You all mobbed to Florence and the Machine??!! NO WAY!!!!! that is so wicked awesome and you looked spectacular :)also? Your grandson pictures are quite spectacular- he seems like he must be quite the charmer. And more power to your daughter in law-not only can she do what she does, but she looks beautiful doing glad to have your may recap!

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