if ever I loved thee

My Jesus, I love thee

It was an accident and it left me like this.

Radius bone broken in three places

The event floods my memory with the terrible triplets:  coulda, woulda and shoulda. All the things I could have done differently. Trying out a new horse. Obviously, I might have done some things differently. Ortho said surgery was a definite possibility. Regret and disappointment in getting myself so banged up. I should KNOW better.

After two weeks, soft cast off. X-rays taken.

Good news! No need for surgery. High-fived the ortho with my good hand.

I know Thou are mine

This experience left me in lots of pain (special thanks to Tylenol 3 with codeine and the old stand-by Valium!) and relying on the kindness of others to help me perform everyday tasks. I’ll remember the 2012 Summer Olympics from a drug-induced haze prostrate on my bed. Did Michael Phelps win any gold??

Anyone who deals with horses has either been injured themselves, or knows someone who has been injured or killed in a horse accident. I’ve had my share of mishaps-but never have I experienced so violent a mishap as this. A human body careening into a pipe fence is a recipe for disaster. Especially…..a 55 year old body. I keep dreaming about this accident. I wonder why I didn’t die. Really. It makes me shiver. Why? Did God throw his heavenly lasso around me to save me from serious injury/death? It feels like it. Luck doesn’t begin to describe my good fortune.

For Thee all the follies of sin I resign

I was understandably blue, but then I got this crazy purple cast. I was still in pain, but here was proof I was healing.

Headed to the cabin for a little R&R to regain my strength and enjoy the serene mountains with the Texan.
That’s when strange things started happening…..the purple cast was taking on a life of it’s own!!

The purple cast reveled in new abilities.

It took a nap on the hammock.

It admired the wildflowers.

As the pincher fingers gained strength, the cast picked a raspberry!

My gracious Redeemer, my Savior art Thou

Ringing the dinner bell.
Admiring the fire extinguisher the Texan installed on the cabin.

Relearning to type.
Painting a door.
Holding the dead man’s hand. Apropos.
Gripping the shuttlecock and dreaming of senior, para-Olympic badminton championships.
What?! The cast starts getting sassy and scolds the beloved Roxy Doxy!
The purple cast wonders if it’s 5 o’clock. Don’t let the Texan catch you in his spiced rum!

The trip re-invigorated me. Gave me a chance to gain strength and ponder what lies ahead for me. Made me realize the power of personal forgiveness. What am I gonna do with this future God has given me? I’m thinking.…if you have any ideas, I’m open to hearing them. For now, the reins are in God’s hands. After having them torn from my left hand, I gave them to Him with my capable right hand. My steering’s not so good at the moment.

If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus tis now.

Along with the druggy Olympics, this song rattled around in my brain as I recovered. Pretty blessed thing to have pin-balling around, right? I sang this with my church choir my first Sunday back at church. I earnestly and gratefully meant every word as I never meant anything before in my life. Be kind to yourself, and take a listen to this powerful song.

Listen right here  Click on the right-hand menu of My Jesus I Love Thee to watch. Sorry to make you work for it, cuz I’m not savvy enough to post the direct link. The video is so worth the effort.

The purple cast sends spiced rum love to all.