counting days

Life with the purple cast has gotten easier and I’ve regained lots of mobility in my fingers and in other parts of my arm. Amazed every day at the healing power that comes from God. So grateful for it, and I wish the same healing power to all those experiencing sickness and injury.

The purple cast has been lifting weights! It started with a 1 lb. weight and it was spotted at the gym today heaving a 7.5 pound weight! It can do shoulder presses, hammer curls and tricep kick-backs. Can’t stand to look at the bowl of mush that used to be my pretty-well-defined (for an old gal!) upper arm. The purple cast was unable to lift a gallon jug of milk from the fridge this morning, but look out-it’s bound to happen before too long.

Counting the days until purple cast gets sawed off. I know, I know….there’s rehab ahead of me, but I’m ready to get to it. Five days, five days…..FIVE DAYS, ELEVEN HOURS!!

Here’s how I’ve been counting down.

Friday night, the Texan and I kept this imp.

who has teeth??

Been feeling really useless as a baby-sitter lately. Baby G is very mobile now and he hasn’t missed any meals, if you know what I mean. The purple cast couldn’t do a thing for a while. But NOW, I can kinda pick him up and I can change a diaper. Even with two good arms, G can be a challenge. He’s coming up on his first birthday. KK loves you, baby G!

This past weekend was spectacular; cooler weather and blessed little wind. Perfection. Took the purple cast out to pull weeds in the secret garden on Saturday. The cast made a lackluster effort to pull weeds, but it was amused by the wildlife.

The butterflies are really loving the lantana, and many of them visit every day.

the handsome black butterfly visitor

While he should have been weeding and working, the purple cast sighted another visitor. Don’t know the name of this critter. Do any of you know what these are called?

I call this a hummingbird moth. Guess I should Google the real name.

There were several of these guys buzzing around, while the purple cast and I were weeding. They made us smile.

Decided to cook dinner on the patio, since the weather was unusually outstanding. Grilled steaks, made a crisp salad, and boiled a few green beans (in bacon, of course) for our dinner. While were were dining al fresco, the Texan noticed a visitor.

do you see him?

Fall is the season for tarantulas around here, and folks are spotting them everywhere. Was traumatized when one jumped in my entryway the other night as I was taking the unsuspecting doxy for an evening walk. The Texan saved us and herded the spider outside.

The tarantulas are pretty harmless and it’s kinda fun to spy them creeping around this time of year.

Don’t ask me where they spend their time during the other seasons of the year…..I’ve no idea. Hopefully not in my secret garden.

Five days, five days, FIVE DAYS…..10 and 1/2 hours!

I’ll let you know how it goes. Probably make you look at pictures, too!

The purple cast is giving all of you a thumbs up.

Rehabilitating love to all.

One thought on “counting days

  1. I've been waiting for the purple monster on your arm to let you blog. Now I can breath again, Kate is back baby!! Now off I go to get some good sleep, Friday tomorrow you know. 🙂 We need to get together cuz, all of us. Take care, luv you guys.

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