I’m feeling kinda naked. **sorry if that conjures unpleasant images**

Yesterday was the big unveiling of my new, mending left arm!!

Sawing off the purple cast.

 The cast was off, and here are the first photos of my liberated wrist.

Free at last……

The arm looked pretty good. Some dead skin and flakiness, but nothing too gross.

Although feeling pretty stiff and sore, the hand gives the ‘thumbs up’.

Seven weeks and one day with a cast. Nurse said, ‘Do you want to keep the cast?’

Of course! How could I so cruelly discard my beloved purple exoskeleton?

Showed the purple cast to Roxy Doxy.

Doxy: ‘It’s a shame to throw away something so useful and delightfully smelly. Can’t we find a use for it?’

Whadayathink, Doxy?

‘We could repurpose the cast as a delightful candle holder? Or, a dog biscuit dispenser?’

I dunno Doxy. Seems kind of tacky to me.’

‘A festive Christmas ornament?’
‘A useful head cover for your 5 iron?’
‘A toothpaste/toothbrush caddie?’

‘Doxy, those are all clever ideas. Maybe we should just leave it in the closet for now until we can agree on how best to recycle the purple cast.’

While Doxy took meticulous notes on possible ideas to reuse the purple cast, I was glorying in washing my face….with BOTH hands. I indulged in a one arm spa treatment with warm water, soap and a washcloth. Followed it up with a liberal dose of lotion. Heavenly.

Here’s my new chic arm covering for the next 3 weeks.

Say ‘hello’ to the lovely black splint!

I’m working through the expected stiffness and soreness. It will take time and a large dose of determination to regain good use of this wrist. Good thing I’m determined and fairly patient. Mainly for now, I’m grateful. Supremely and utterly grateful.

My patience could be wearing thin, however. Caught a glimpse of THIS last evening.

A certain, stubby-legged pooch seems to be preparing costumes for Halloween. It’s not EVEN October!

Oh, lawzee. This makes the toothpaste caddie look mighty appealing. help

Celebrating a wristapalooza today!!

Healing love to all.

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