No, no….not that kind of butterfly!

I’m referring to Puccini’s Madama Butterfly presented by Amarillo Opera this weekend at the Globe News Center. For us opera neophytes that would be Mrs. Butterfly, I guess.

There is a show Saturday evening September 29 and a Sunday matinee on September 30, so you have two chances to catch this magnificent undertaking.

I’m not gonna pretend to tell you all the plot intricacies of Butterfly, because I’ve never seen it. I know it’s Puccini…it’s dramatic…and Butterfly is a treat visually as well as aurally.

The set is from SANTA FE OPERA. All the people ‘in the know’ and the technicians declare it is a BIG, impressive set. A ‘3-trucker’, I believe. The set was made possible with a generous donation from a local, opera-loving couple. The structure has the ability to move about the stage. Very impressive. Thank you for this kind gift to our community!

Our beautiful Mrs. Butterfly in rehearsal

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the set and some of the principal performers. I’m always stunned with the talent and impressive sound of these singers. The costumes are sure to be breathtaking, as well.

Aren’t these ladies gorgeous?

Don’t be surprised if you hear some sad songs….it is Puccini, after all.

So proud of our local Opera Company. Madama Butterfly has been a seminal and historic work for Amarillo Opera.

It’s amazing to me that a production of this caliber….with the impressive principals, the gifted singers in our local chorus, the talented conductor and our versatile local symphony musicians can unite to put something so special together in our fantastic Performing Arts Center. It’s a monumental undertaking, really.

Bravi tutti! (that means y’all are fantastic!) I’ll even throw in a toi, toi, toi for you.***if I had any IDEA what that phrase means***

Time to hatch from your larva stage. You don’t want to miss this. It’s gonna be EPIC! Call AMARILLO OPERA for tickets.

Winged-love to all.

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