whiteout 2013

Your truck has 4 wheel drive. I think we can make it!

It’s a whiteout. We’ll probably get stuck and we’ll end up walking home.

I NEED to check them. They have no food and I bet their water is froze up!

Thus began the Great Blizzard Adventure of 2013. The cast? The Texan, 3 horses, a red Chevy Avalanche, a snow shovel and yours truly.

Even though the law was saying no travel, the horse barn is just a measly, short 1 1/2 miles from our house. That’s nothing.

The Texan sighed and we geared-up in our cold weather duds. Visibility was crap. Is crap a meteorological term, Doppler Dave?

I gritted my teeth and prayed as the Texan gunned the avalanche through some impossible drifts. Success! We turned into the gate to the property. The Texan tried to keep the truck’s momentum up as I could feel us helplessly sink into a huge drift just inside the gate. Couldn’t see a thing and the horse barn was still a half mile away. The tires were spinning. Our truck was done.

Guess you can walk to the barn and check the horses while I try to dig the truck out.

With that, I struck out….north….into the wind and the deep drifts of snow. I hoped the Texan understood this was gonna take a while.

Walking north to the barn.

Drudged through some monster drifts with the snow stinging my face. Realized my heart was pounding. Calm down and take it easy, Kathy. You’ll make it. I knew I better make it. The Texan wouldn’t find me til Easter.

Fifteen windy, cold minutes later I arrived to assist the frozen equines. Axed the water tank ice and sank in my stock heater. Drug 4 bales of grass hay over the snow mountain to their pen. Wanted them to have plenty of hay. I had no idea when I might make it back to the barn.

Walked the 1/2 mile back to the truck.

Making my way back to the truck.

When I returned to the truck and joyfully reunited with the Texan, he informed me we were walking back to our house. The truck was hopelessly stuck.

We headed out, hand-in-hand on Tascosa Road. We picked our way through the snow drifts. Luckily, the more sane among us had heeded the warnings to stay off the streets, so we didn’t dodge any traffic.

Our walk home along Tascosa Road.

I expected the Texan to be mad at me, but he wasn’t. We even kinda had fun walking back. Got us out of the house and gave us a big appetite for lunch. Gave us new appreciation for the power of the wind. The entire snowy ordeal took about 2 hours.

After lunch, we did what all of you did. Shovel. And shovel. And more shoveling. The kind son-in-law pulled our Chevy out of the drift with his monster truck. Bless him.

I’m having an Advil cocktail and falling in bed.

Snowmaggedon love to all.

2 thoughts on “whiteout 2013

  1. Kathy, I thought sure the Avalanche was a Chevy, not a Ford ?? That was a long walk in the blizzard, but I’d have done it too, for the horses. Glad you were dressed for it!

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