Candide: costumes

Repetition, repetition, re-PE-ti-tion.

The characteristics of the music implant in the brain first. Next, the words of each song tumble and sift through the gray matter until they fall into proper alignment. I’m spending about an hour each day working on memorization. Some of it seems easy, but I’m kinda stuck on a song entitled ‘Bon Voyage’. Melody, harmony, entrances and releases are not a problem, but the chorus has so many ways of telling this character ‘farewell’, the old brain resembles a jumbled scrabble board. I’m certain my mind works on these issues in my sleep (or lack thereof). Let me assure you, these are some interesting and audacious lyrics to have worm holing your brain.

This has been a week off regular rehearsals for Spring Break. We resume next week full-bore! Received the revised rehearsal schedule leading up to opening night and let’s just say I’m popping Centrum Silver like crazy and stocking groceries for the Texan. Plastered my head-shot all over the house so the Texan and Roxy-Doxy won’t forget I live with them. That’s O.K., because the Texan has lots of Duck Dynasty recorded and March Madness will keep him very well occupied.

Patricia McGourty with the Inquisitor costume.

Went in for my costume fitting. Met the beautiful and incredibly interesting Costume Designer, Patricia McGourty. She is designing the total look of Candide for Amarillo Opera. For a Broadway show or Opera opening, Patricia designs and sketches the costumes for each scene. The costumes would then be constructed or ‘built’ according to her specifications and vision. For our Candide, Patricia has pulled costumes from different companies around the country to use in our production. One of the wonderful perks of being involved in Candide is getting to meet creative people like Patricia. It’s a rush, I tell you!

Amarillo Opera could film one helluva Harlem Shake right now.

For you costume-lovers out there, check out the sumptuousness.

A chocolate truffle for the eyes.
Delicious pink champagne. Cheers!
Red velvet cake. Can’t wait to see the handsome devil who wears this costume.

Patricia was very kind in helping fit moi into a costume. Seems the chorus will have a ‘basic’ costume and we will be adding to or subtracting from depending upon our appearances in different scenes. I wanted to snap a photo, but Patricia wouldn’t allow it because the gorgeous gold-corseted bodice needed a little tweaking. No one can see it until it is perfect.

I SWEAR to you, Patricia had not read THIS BLOG POST when she chose this lovely top for me. She was blissfully ignorant as to my previous penchant for plunging necklines.

May I just say I ADORE my costume bodice? Sorry in advance if I embarrass the Sprouts.

Delightfully zaftig. Pure 18th century curvaceousness. Love.

Worth the price of admission.

Centrum Silver love to all.

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