Candide: countdown

Image from by digitalart.

Candide feels like a pile of colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces tumbling in my brain right now. Everything I need is there. Now it’s time to put the irregular shapes in order and create a stunning picture. Can I apply puzzle glue and keep the picture forever?

The sidebar on this blog reads 5 days to go. Wish it said 10.

Here is the article about Candide written by Chip Chandler in the Amarillo Globe News.

These folks inhabiting the main roles in Candide are stupendously talented. They’re nice, too. I’ve adored watching them practice their craft in rehearsals. There are lots of opportunities to learn something new, if one is willing.

Tonight…rehearsal…in costume….onstage at the Globe News Center.

Why, oh why did I over-indulge in all the Easter goodies?


Hope my skirt has a stretchy waistband.

I’ll be posting the excitement and anticipation this week. Stay tuned.

Spring-diet love to all.

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