Candide: sneak peek

howl (Photo credit: sillydog)

My morning began with this.

The Texan:  Kathy, wake up! Do you hear dogs barking?

Me: Go back to sleep. It’s only my feet.

Sore feet
Sore feet (Photo credit: dreadpiratejeff)

Seriously, the dogs are HOWLING. Owwwwww!

I wanted to give you Chickenwingers a first glimpse of some Candide loveliness.

candide 003a
Brenda, moi and Kelsey trying our ‘basic look’ for the first time.

The costumes for this show are numerous and they are each stunning. The show will be extremely visually interesting.

The fancy outfits brought new enthusiasm and purpose to the cast.

candide 004a
Gorgeous and talented members of the Candide ensemble.

The costumers of our Candide have worked literally countless hours assembling our ‘looks’. They are gracious, patient and extremely talented. I tip my pink satin pillbox hat to you ladies. We salute you!!

candide 006a
Renee and Hugh.

The members of the ensemble have worked extremely hard. We have lots more to accomplish this week.

candide 007a
David and Jessica.

The men of the ensemble help drive the plot and they appear in many of the scenes. Some of them have impossibly quick costume changes. I helped fasten many-a-button last evening.

We are getting closer, but there are still miles to go. Please think kind thoughts for my feet.

Hammer-toe love to all.

PS-Still need tickets? Go to Amarillo Opera or

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