wild things

Can’t take credit for this blog post. Render all applause to the rancher/cowboy Sprout #1. Seems he placed a few motion-sensor cameras around the ranch in Union County, New Mexico. This ranch is nestled in northern Union County, near where New Mexico meets the Oklahoma Panhandle and southern Colorado.

The southern portion of the ranch is rolling grassland. As one travels north, the country roughens into cedar breaks.

The cedar breaks.
The cedar breaks.

The northern apex of the ranch is regally crowned with a colorful, wind-swept canyon. It conjures Louis L’Amour, Zane Grey and Larry McMurtry novels for me. Fancy myself freely galloping horseback with my handsome cowboy sidekick (Robert Duvall) riding into the crimson sunset.

This portion of New Mexico is in severe drought. Worst we’ve ever seen. Therefore, the watering holes are popular hang-outs for wildlife. A veritable Studio 54. Watch closely….you might spot Bianca Jagger or Biebs. Will you have to bribe the bouncer to gain entry?

We see you, crafty elk. Wearin' night vision glasses.
We see you, crafty elk.

Is this the same animal? Who knows?

Check out the dead grass. Pretty slim grass pickins the last few years.
Notice the dead grass. Pretty slim grass pickins the last few years.

The elk shed antlers every year. Sprout #1 has picked up some huge antler sheds.

Check out this handsome turkey. He’s lucky it’s not November.

Sprout #1 spent plenty of hours this winter doggedly tracking the big cats-mountain lion. He saw a few, but never got a shot off.

This hunter killed the mountain lion on a neighboring ranch. Look at the size of this cat! Wonder how many newborn calves he’s killed?

We’re always hearing of ‘bear and rumors of bear’ around the ranch.

bear track
The Sprout’s size 13-14 boot. Look at the size of the bear print.

Makes me remember the time Sprout #2 and I bravely camped out with the cowboy crew during branding time. The ranch foreman told me they spotted a bear near the campground. We slept (uneasily) with a loaded 9mm in our flimsy, two-person pup tent.

bear walking
Not sure our 9mm was a powerful enough caliber. He looks like he could make short work of a pup tent. Yikes.

We provide the wildlife with the most modern, convenient amenities.

Where’s the fluffy white towel?

Had the bear realized he was being filmed, he would’ve worn a swimsuit. Modesty demands it.

Hope your week is packed with surprises.

Untamed wild and beastly love to all.

nose knows




ice cream-I scream

I’m not talking about homophones today. I’m posting about a certain hound dog who hasn’t appeared on the blog in a blew…..blue moon.

Roxy Doxy-Grand Canyon earnestness in a tater-tot canine.

While working in the yard, she’s my #1 assistant. Always on duty. Working to keep me safe. To serve and protect.

new lens 015a
The proboscis doesn’t miss a cent….I mean, scent.
What neighborhood kitty has been padding over the lava rocks?
What neighborhood kitty has been padding over the lava rocks?
new lens 046a
Has the crafty fox been on the stares…excuse….stairs?
Could there be a snake under the patio?
Could there be a snake under the patio?
new lens 023a
Is the smelly tennis ball in the pond? Goin’ in after it!
new lens 032a
Smellin’ a squirrel. Did he flea up the tree?

Sometimes a wafting fragrance causes the earnest little wiener to freeze in her dog tracks.

new lens 039aHonestly, some nature aromas make her stand as still as a statue!!

003aYou know the latest scent she’s been savoring?

It’s totally new.

hannah 025a
The precious grand-daughter!! Roxy Doxy licks her on the ear. We can’t resist kissing her face.

The Texan and I are adoring the girly smells, as well.

The Texan demonstrating to baby girl how relaxing the hammock can be.

Her busy, busy big brother learns a new skill every day.

G playing ball with the Texan.

Having fun. Feeling blessed and grateful.

Hope something you love causes you to freeze in your tracks in wonderment.

Pink love to all.