sartorial obsession

Obsession. Compulsion. Iz haz it. Need proof? I remind you of the DONUT TOWER incident.

Style?? I’m not too sure. You be the judge.

I’m going to confess something startling and crazy. Please be kind.

I just went shopping in my closet and photographed the outfits I put together. Thought this would solve the repetitive complaint, ‘I don’t have ANYTHING to wear!’

This was not a-couple-of-hours task. Ask the Texan. My sunroom was covered under mountains of clothing for days.

It’s like I just completed 6 months of therapy. Took a fearless clothing inventory. Discovered some of my sartorial personality traits.

If you, fellow Chicken-Winger, had questioned me about my personal style, I would’ve responded with terms like classic and subdued. Lots of black and cream.

I delude myself. Behold.

Do not adjust your computer monitor. Wear protective UV glasses to prevent retinal damage.


Is this chartreuse? Tell me…..

In my defense, this peplum-number fits like a dream. Still haven’t found the perfect occasion for this dress…..yet.

Wedding? No.

Shower? Uhmmm……no.

Church? nyet.

Meeting of National Coalition of Color-Blind Persons (NCCBP)? Perhaps.

I’ve got it…..Texan, let’s go to VEGAS!

I have an abundance of information to impart….. like how I have bravely embraced ‘man-clothes’ and oxford shoes. The absolute necessity of having the perfect shrug to cover those saggy upper arms. How I have prepared for clothing Armageddon by stuffing my closet with a dozen variations of the little black dress. Thats LBD, to us fashionistas.

I’m armed with photographs, and I love over-sharing.

This post was going to be a tome, so I simplified and it will be a series. Want to keep you on the edge of your closet chairs!

Take a peek into one soul-satisfying result of my foray into shopping my closet. Feel free to tell me what you think and join in the wacky fun. Do you have an item in your closet you love, but you never wear it? You can’t find a THING to go with it? Me, too. Before I took certain steps.

I found a preppy sweater (from Talbots) I never wear. I like this sweater because it shouts,

‘I may be at this meeting, but I have important work later at the golf course. Let’s get on with it!’ Perfect.

The ankle jeans are fun….but the light color makes them a little difficult to mix/match.

OK. Pants go with sweater. Kinda preppy and summery.

Can I give this ensem-bleh a little more weight?

Skinny black belt. I kinda like it.

More weight, still?

The addition of black jewelry and my studded ‘rocker’ belt.

Is there a way to take this spring/summer outfit into Fall??


Bam! The addition of my favorite gray, menswear-inspired jacket completes the meeting/office/golf course look.

The addition of ……what? Black flats. short black boots to finish it off? You tell me.

Don’t say spiky heels or pointy, pointy flats. Ain’t nobody got time for that. My gout-toe shouts ‘Enough!’

Know what’s amusing about this clothing-organization compulsion?

I’m in workout or yoga gear all day, every day. Who am I foolin’ by pretending I have somewhere important to go?

ryan gosling
A tribute to my cute yoga instructor, Cynthia.

Good enough for me.

Stay tuned for more de-cluttering closet chaos.

Ryan Gosling love to all.

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