shifting gears

Like Linda Blair in the Exorcist, my head is spinning.

Just finished up Opportunity School’s LIPS fundraiser. I’ve been their sarcastic and maniacal mistress of ceremonies for 5 years now.

Decked out for Opportunity School ROCKS. These days, it’s impossible to rock without my bifocals.

The Texan told me I botched a few of the punchlines. I’m simply grateful I made it through the evening without melting into a humongous hot flash puddle in the ever-present blinding spotlight.

It was a fantastic night for the school. Lots of cash raised for a deserving cause. I’m proud to be a small part of it.

Now, I must make the transition from laugh-lady to Mrs. Realville for my talk Thursday at the Samaritan Counseling Center Luncheon. I’ll be talking about growing up with 2 alcoholic parents.

Samaritan Luncheon Front
We are honoring some worthy good Samaritans.

Truth-telling and getting real are absolutes for my serenity these days. However, it feels easier to be this crazy lady.

Reason for the head lamp? Don’t ask.

Perhaps the requirements for being successful at these two events are more similar than I realize? Comedy is funny because it contains a grain of truth. Hopefully, I can bring some truth and humor to the Samaritan audience on Thursday.

I’ll let you know.

Mrs. Realville love to all.

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